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Synonyms for unhampered

not slowed or blocked or interfered with


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not held in check or subject to control

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'The extension is a stop-gap measure to ensure the unhampered lotto operations of PCSO and to allow it to complete the procurement or bidding process for a new PCSO lottery system,' Pacific Online said in a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange on Friday.
The Last Mile Schools program aims to provide students living in Geographically Isolated, Disadvantaged and Con?ict-Affected (GIDCA) areas with unhampered and equal access to quality basic education.
'It is urgently necessary that the operations of the programs and projects of the PSC and CHED [to] proceed unhampered, considering that the preparations for this year's hosting of the Southeast Asian Games are under way and the collegiate academic year for most higher education institutions commenced last June and the remaining to commence in the month of August,' he added.
That paved the way for Pagunsan's unhampered march to a championship in his first Philippine Golf Tour Asia event as Asia's former No.
Kupchishin reminded that a humanitarian corridor has been opened along with the Jleb mobile checkpoint for the unhampered return of temporarily displaced persons from the Al-Tanf zone.
"The right to hold a campaign rally will be unhampered.
'Sarawak needs the continuous attention of the federal government to ensure unhampered development for the sake of the people of Sarawak,' he said.
The Minister thanked the Ambassador for the good wishes and assured him that the cooperation between the two countries will continue unhampered during the interim regime.
The ordinance was crafted to allow the unhampered view of Mt.
One of PSX's vital commitments 'is to provide unhampered, continued value-added services to the capital market.'
In a statement HRCP has said that 'it is the duty of all governments who call themselves 'civilized' to protect the rights of vulnerable persons and ensure that, as far as possible, their access to employment, fair wages and decent working conditions remains unhampered by their impairment.
Resolution 2401 calls for a 30-day ceasefire to allow evacuation of civilians and the unhampered access of humanitarian aid.
Normal running of trains continuing unhampered," said North East Frontier Railway CPRO.
Crown says stable, high-lift mast design plus cantilevered, adjustable ISO forks unhampered by load arms enables the truck to lift full-capacity loads (load centre: 600 mm) to the full height of the mast: ideal for order picking, putaway, long-distance transport, replenishment and sandwich stacking.