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Synonyms for ungulate

any of a number of mammals with hooves that are superficially similar but not necessarily closely related taxonomically

having or resembling hoofs

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CREATURE FEATURE BRING YOU LATEST Current head of ungulates, Jay Haywood, who started work on Eileen's section in 1999, was on hand to give her the VIP treatment alongside Upper Primates Section leader Pat Stevens, who also worked alongside Eileen.
We selected hunting bag (number of animals hunted per square kilometer in 1 year) as a proxy for wild ungulate density and calculated this density as the annual average of the number of hunted ungulates (wild boar, red deer, and fallow deer) from those hunting areas for which [greater than or equal to] 2 years of data were available for 2008-2012.
The corresponding linearized [[??].sub.12] function was calculated from the resultant [[??].sub.12] function to enable the graphical interpretation of the relationship between cattle and wild ungulate guilds.
Although light availability associated with succession-mediated changes in canopy cover appears to be a major mechanism in spatial variability in forage biomass, the 84% difference in forage biomass inside and outside exclosures points to a second mechanism: ungulate browsing could alter the spatial and temporal patterns in forage biomass, i.e.
The activity budget hypothesis predicts (1) Females spent more time on feeding than males; (2) In order to maintain the behavioral synchrony of group activities, the same sex ungulate tend to coalesce into single-sex groups (Ruckstuhl, 2007).
Cougars killed 1.49 times as many ungulates in the summer as in the winter, as more young prey were taken.
The 6th World Congress on Mountain Ungulates and the 5th International Symposium on Mouflon started in Nicosia on Mondaymorning, with the participation of scientists from over 20 countries, in Nicosia.
Meanwhile, previous studies which found significant ungulate effects (i.e., Pastor et al, 1993; Ritchie et al, 1998; Bressette et al, 2012) did so in forests with substantially different species compositions (boreal, oak savannah, and oak-hickory, respectively) than UNDERC.
The effects of open-pit mining on ungulate species like caribou have been heavily studied, but its impacts on large omnivore mammals like the grizzly bear are still largely unknown.
The ZSP on the recommendation of office of the Conservator Wildlife, Ministry of Climate Change and provincial wildlife departments, had conducted studies on ungulate species, including Suleiman Markhor, Afghan Urial and Himalayan Ibex in the province of Balochistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) with the involvement of local communities.
Uther, unextraordinary ungulate, usually unarticulate, unexpectedly uttered up ultimatums: utterances utterly unfeasible.
Key words: browse, clipping, forage, GIS, range, survey, twig, ungulate, willow
The tracks are "Mighty Wolf", "Meet Wolf", "Triple Rainbow", "Ladybug Man", "Aphid Banquet for Two", "Just Because You're Scared of Spiders ...", "Black Widow", "Timber!", "Beaver", "The Scavenger", "Dead and Delicious", "What is it?" "Ungulate", "Relaxing by the Fire", "Grandma Gatewood", "Thunderstorm!", "Lightning", "To the North Pole!", "The Arctic's Freezing", "Bedtime", "That's Not the Way", "Plant More Milkweed Please", and "The Great Monarch Migration." 51 min.