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gandhamarjarabijani samahrtya vinikyipet 116cd usnataile samuddhrtya katutailena lepayet 117ab By the placement of this text after the unguents for the rainy season, it appears that this is to be used in cooler seasons.
His ugly stepsisters, Koncheska and Jonjo, had spent all day preparing at their cabin in Mell Wood, carefully applying designer unguents and pate polish.
" Why are your hands so soft, mummy?" "Because I'm an unmarried 15-year-old, dear, with a face about as shapely as a baked potato." No cosmetic in the world is going to make a woman with a face like a baked potato look like Kate Moss, and it is, at least, partly the fault of the woman with the face like a baked potato that she refuses to accept her appearance and spends a small fortune on emollients and unguents trying to plait the proverbial fog.
Luck quotes the scholar William Brashear discussing the importance of the epithymata whose magic rites make sacred a profane world of "foul odors" with smoke and unguents, ready "for the deity to appear." Luck (2006) logically deduces that it is the smoke (and the psychoactive ointment) that is inhaled which produces the epiphany or theophany.
Incredibly, until 1900 glass was only used in making everyday wares to store food, perfume, unguents etc, and as ornamental objects, mirror-making and optics.
These, of course, introduce the notion of luxury and pleasure, as containers of unguents and perfumes.
'The experience itself,' he notes, 'with warm clear water, shiny, smooth marble surfaces, steamy, cosseting atmosphere, the aroma of perfumed unguents, the intimacy of massage, invoked the awakening of the senses, a state of enjoyment the Romans called voluptas'.
Hanuman relays her message to Rama, who then order Vibhisana to bring her: "Have Sita Vaidehi come here anointed with celestial unguents, adorned with celestial ornaments, her hair freshly washed." This is rather peculiar, since Sita herself wishes to come unwashed and unadorned in front of her husband, bur she submits to Rama's orders and arrives, her hair washed and "adorned with costly garments and ornaments", in "a shining palanquin that was draped in costly fabrics" (6.102.13-14).
I plastered on the unguents and perfumes: he seemed lost in his
return to settle estate: molasses holdings, dabblings in "futures," railroad stocks, mines, chrome wipers, crocks, iridescent hooks, Friendship Clubs, barber shops, bull boxes, schools for training domestics, unguents, Orphan Associations, congestion research.
Anyway, Beth was outside staring glumly at a fence because she was four years too young to be bonded with me by means of a joint facial massage with posh unguents and warm flannels: big sister's treat for later on.
Her body is mellifluous, dripping with fragrant unguents and tasty comestibles" (pp.
Medieval religious drama--already played out in the secular marketplace--often featured a grotesque comic parody of Christ's medical miracles, performed by women as well as men in the role of proto-quacks intent on selling their oils and unguents to the three Marys.
Rose (Rosa sancta) Ward: A five-petal flower with a remarkable floral odor termed in Egypt "the Queen of Flowers." Found in numerous tombs in ancient Egypt, the oil was extracted via the now termed Enfleurage process and was used extensively in aromatic preparations, unguents and in most funeral rites.
Brews and unguents from America came from Hell, as did the fires of chocolate and the smoke of tobacco, which incited sinning in another's bed.