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in a generous and ungrudging manner


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One is the story of African-American heroism and sacrifice in every phase of our history, ungrudgingly made on behalf of principles for whose enjoyment they often had been at least partially excluded.
"It signifies unusual and extraordinary help and assistance to the Bar and the legal profession, which has been given generously, ungrudgingly, and in a spirit of self-sacrifice.
She said that she could understand the mental condition of the opposition and pitied it, adding that they should accept the reality ungrudgingly.
to the general public was the responsibility of the media which 'we all acknowledge and respect ungrudgingly.' However, she said, it was also responsibility of the media to discharge its professional duties in conformity with the code of conduct.
Chatterton wrote that he would never object to fair criticism, however unfavourable, but he felt that "as manager of Drury Lane, a position of no slight embarrassment, difficulty and anxiety, which I have held for a longer period than any of my predecessors" he should at least be able to expect "that judgment should lean to the side of kindness, and that praise where deserved should be bestowed at least as ungrudgingly as censure".
Summary: The discipline and code of conduct that were followed by us ungrudgingly are missing at homes now
Benjamin ungrudgingly exhorts us to read his own work alongside theirs, and in later chapters references them as well.
This is life, Penaranda, 43, an employee of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and father of five children, said ungrudgingly.
Road bump shocks are ungrudgingly absorbed by the car, not handed on to the passengers.
He speaks admiringly of "the perplexing existential relevance of Sartre's philosophizing," (5) and acknowledges ungrudgingly that "Sartre's thought possesses ...
We might fume in anger at road blockades for VIP movement, but we halt ungrudgingly at the sight of ambulances.
The implementation of the NAP which is the outcome of the collective wisdom of all the political forces and is ungrudgingly backed by the military establishment, is the best possible response to dealing with these problems, both on the military and ideological level.
Robert West confirms that all of the supernatural activity in Lancashire Witches is "plainly and ungrudgingly orthodox." (11) The demonic mechanisms are laid bare for the audience to see.
The version of democratic self-governance that Post ungrudgingly embraces in this book is a positive and optimistic one, accompanied here by the understandings of the United States Constitution and of the First Amendment that he believes to follow from it.