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without envy or reluctance

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(14) The meanings of aphthonos as "ungrudging," "unstinting," or "without jealously" will combine below in my discussion of karteria in the Socratic unity of happiness and philosophy ([section] VI).
The ungrudging support given to you by His Majesty's Government, even when you had acted contrary to my instructions that the terms of the declaration must be approved by them before presentation to Zaghlul, does not justify your reiterated allegations that they have not given you their confidence.
Expectations shattered, many were leaving the ground 15 minutes into the second half, with ungrudging words of praise for our lads.
But first, an ungrudging acknowledgment: That ex-ambassador Bobi Tiglao and the new Inquirer publisher, Dean Raul Pangalangan (and even constitutionalist Fr.
Willingness did not mean he could be bullied, however, and his ability to amuse others and defend himself soon brought ungrudging respect.
ANFIELD regulars during the 1960s and 1970s will recall that The Kop regarded visiting goalkeepers with ungrudging respect.
'The universal rule is that a man who marries a native becomes a native, living the easy-going animal existence that has no complexities and no ideals--a human vegetable by sheer inertia of the brain.' (82) This merging was beginning to seem more and more likely, particularly with the influx of a series of British recruits who failed to grasp the rigidity of the Cosman principles and were said to be 'charmed with the newness of everything native, the absolute femininity of the women, the charm of the girls, the ungrudging hospitality and simplicity of all alike'.
Notwithstanding his ungrudging praise, Guelzo notes that
eIuWe are about to have legislative elections early next year and this requires ungrudging efforts in order to make the voting process a success,eIN Ahmed al-Safi said during a Friday sermon in the holy Shiite city of Karbala.
In Deuteronomy there is an urgent appeal to give to the poor, and to do it in the right spirit, that is, with a generous heart: "Give liberally [to your needy brother] and be ungrudging when you do so, for on this account the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in all that you undertake" (Deut.
Medallion of art!" In a companion poem, "Solar," the sun makes its appearance in the first line simply as "Suspended lion face" with no explanatory gloss or preceding article; the poem ends with this supposedly most cautious and fretful of poets finding an unexpected, ungrudging, and wholly human term of praise for the inhuman power he has been apostrophizing throughout: "Unclosing like a hand,/ You give forever."
Rather, the first generation of Knights equated American manhood directly with Catholic religious faith and, by extension, the ungrudging performance of familial obligations.