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not neat and smart in appearance

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The results presented here show that cocaine and metabolites are readily detected in fingerprints after either washing hands with soap (soap method), wiping the fingertips (ungroomed wipes), or touching the face (wipes) to collect oily residues.
However, existing views diehard and Mintel's research found that 59% of UK consumers said it looks unprofessional to have ungroomed facial hair in the workplace and a further 39% of men say they feel under pressure to keep their facial hair neat and tidy.
Most tree well accidents happen in ungroomed terrain.
He added that members of the Animal Party also visited the zoo within the week and have registered several issues, including dry water troughs and ungroomed animals.
Houellebecq's characters, in contrast, like their increasingly ungroomed author, care nothing about their appearances or surroundings.
Berkshire East used to be known for minimal grooming; now it's as good as anywhere, though Schaefer and company choose to leave a good portion ungroomed.
In backcountry skiing, a skier goes for skiing on ungroomed slopes, including unmarked or unpatrolled areas either inside or outside of a ski resort's boundaries.
The judge also insisted that the statue is "a historical reminder of those bygone days of sack lunches, ungroomed runs, rope tows, T-bars, leather ski boots and 210 cm.
This is the reason given for prohibiting cutting one's hair during hot ha-moed, lest the haircut be deferred to then and the individual enter the festival ungroomed. The implication is that those who shave every day, and thus groom themselves before the holiday, are also permitted to shave during hot ha-moed.
If he were to walk down the street it is unlikely Mueller, with his ungroomed mop of hair and unusually skinny legs, would be mistaken for a footballer.
The clinic is aimed at the adventurous advanced to expert skier - basically if you can ski ungroomed black runs, this is the right course for you."
The researchers also found ungroomed antennae collected almost four times more of the lipids and significantly more environmental contaminants than clean ones.
(18) More often, articles like this rely on photographs of unruly-looking children alongside a tired and 'ungroomed' mother, where, as Bev Skeggs would argue, ungroomed has become synonymous with unrespectable and morally deficient working class femininity.
She is an easily identifiable picture of crack addiction (dirty, nervous, ungroomed, agitated, and violent) that provides insight into Gator's problem rather than revealing her own experience.
The Poitou is known for its extremely long, silky hair, which, if kept ungroomed, will form dreadlocks reaching the ground.