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Synonyms for ungratifying

not likely to be rewarded

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Enjoying the bounty derived from the ungratifying task of fall bulb planting is one of my favorite springtime delights.
Young black adults have more lucrative career opportunities than ever before, and the lack of prestige associated with being an educator, coupled with frequently ungratifying personal experiences in the education system, prevent many from seriously considering teaching as a profession (King, 1993).
Such activity, though immediately ungratifying, promises future satisfaction: "On looking back into my journal I find myself so much amused that I am determined to take a new start & write regularly, in order to provide myself the same pleasure for the future" ("Journals," 206-7).
Hyperlinks which refer to items within an individual's site typically turn out to be more ungratifying short references.
It could be a combination of anger at her seemingly never-ending tasks and true physical exhaustion from ungratifying work.
Despite (or perhaps because of) a short-lived ungratifying heterosexual relationship, Abel is sexually a child.
His first encounter was with an older male, who, as he reflected, unleashed both his level of neediness and at the same time his rage at ungratifying objects.
But that's too complicated for Bush, too ungratifying.
Both Cassie and Joy refer to economic interdependence as a motive for remaining in ungratifying relationships; Galloway makes explicit the historic division of labor in which the man provided physically and the woman provided emotionally, and she reveals it to be faulty and unworkable.
And I don't know how to defend myself against it." Another character complains similarly, "How ungratifying to think about the future.