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worried and uneasy

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alike." (57) Even more than ungratified desire, however, the
I am speaking now, not of the goodly gratifications of sense or everyday tastes, which are common enough--but of the attainment, at any time, to that condition when a man can say to himself, I feel perfect bliss, I have no desire ungratified.
All that remains is to realize the great promised adventure, which of course will never happen: "While consumer society rests its case on the promise to gratify human desires like no other society in the past could do or dream of doing, the promise of satisfaction remains seductive only so long as the desire stays ungratified" (Baumann, Ethics 169).
Such "ungratified" reader can go far and try to find a role for himself, and mere enjoyment--something shared by many--and mere commentary will not be sufficient to satisfy his pride.
The experiences Tanga recounts are instances of her id drives for freedom from patriarchal oppression are ungratified. Through her confessions and actions, traces of neurotic disorders resulting from fixation of her primordial desires are discovered.
ability to monitor the two ungratified treaties and late in his term started negotiations on new verification protocols.
lineaments of ungratified Desire" (53) appear in "A Universe of Death & Decay" (my emphases).
In KD 30, he claims that natural and necessary desires are 1) easy to attain and 2) cause pain when they remain ungratified. (17) In the Letter to Menoeceus, Epicurus offers three reasons a desire might be necessary.
The elaborate vorticist comparison of the interaction of words with cones of steel that, when placed in relation, radiate sparks is equated with the power of genius to perceive new relations-a pretty traditional idea-and this perception of relations is justified by the "beauty of the means." As Pound says, "Let the poet who has been not too long ago born make very sure of this, that no one cares to hear, in strained iambics, that he feel sprightly in spring, is uncomfortable when his sexual desires are ungratified, and that he has read about human brotherhood in last year's magazines.
For Perry, Simeon demonstrates an obsessive need for reassurance of his saintliness, and "the possibility of reassurance is not exactly gratified (we are not certain of his sanctification), and not quite ungratified either (we do not know for sure he is a self-deluding fraud), but left hanging." (4)
"Seeing her parents' suffering, exile and ungratified toils, it was easy enough for Clarice Lispector to reject God, or, at the very most, to feel rejected by the God who had withdrawn from her family and her people," writes Moser.
Most neuroses involved, along with other complex determinants, ungratified wishes for safety, for belongingness and identification, for close love relationships and for respect and prestige.
Wells's concentration on the mechanisms that produce melancholy from ungratified love, her insistence that furor, death, and amorality are engendered by a lack of eros, and her insights into past medical understandings of melancholic obsessions render this book a must read for scholars in a variety of disciplines beyond English and Italian, such as music, religion, classical studies, history of medicine, and philosophy.
Supporting stock companies left the Keans equally ungratified: in fact, they almost never mention their hardworking and ill-paid local associates save to censure or deride.