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not fully apprehended

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I choose to do so because creativity--that enigma to which the modern student of educational psychology is devoting more and more attention--is particularly "set in the invisible." "The tangible," Dewey insisted in Experience and Nature, "rests precariously upon the untouched and ungrasped." Dewey abhorred the inculcation of fixed conclusions at the expense of man's originality.
"Some as yet ungrasped identity in the psychical process," Freud says, "no doubt accounts for [verburgt] the use of the same words for both types of connection.
Even while we speak, envious time has passed: pluck the day, putting as little trust as possible in tomorrow!" Responses to Horace's admonitions reverberate throughout Macdonald's collection: In "English June" the poet notes, "we cannot seize / and hold / such days" for they are "Gone / so soon / ungrasped: / short-lived / as the bloom / and life."
As she makes clear in her memoir essay about her correspondence with Duncan: "I meant 'discoverable' quite precisely--not 'that which comes into being only in the work' but that which, though present in a dim unrecognized or ungrasped way, is only experienced in any degree of fullness in art's concreteness" (New and Selected Essays 213).
Do concepts always leave ungrasped a residue of experiential remainders, and are these remainders particularly insistent and disconcerting in the case of excessive (traumatic) limit experiences" (4-5)?
The main features of those years that I clearly recall among a whole field of ungrasped nettles were the annual (sometimes twice yearly) budget crises; the sell-off of everything that wasn't nailed down at knock-down prices every spring, in a desperate attempt to balance the books - in vain, because the Government automatically then reduced the council's capital allocation the following year by a similar sum to that raised; the swingeing budget cuts every year, typified by the pounds 44m cuts package in 1996-7; the chronic underinvestment in our children's education the thing which motivated me to get involved in local politics; the off balance sheet deals, some of which are still being paid off, e.
In the time of the story, chance has presented Emily and her group with something utterly unexpected--some unorthodox wholeness and love--until it passes ungrasped. The novel ends with Emily, alone in her garden, offering this exquisitely wistful thought:
In a market view throughout the process of resource rebundling information asymmetries are removed and "no perceived opportunity for improving the allocation of resources is left ungrasped" (Kirzner, 1979, p.
A shout of joy went up even from those that the spectacle of an ungrasped, spinning girl was bound to have made feel worse" (p.