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"I have served Miss Dunross for many years," was the answer, spoken very ungraciously.
The young man bowed with a mortified air, and was somewhat ungraciously beginning to make a polite reply, when the door opened a short space, and the voice of Miss Osgood was once more heard, saying in a forced, but lively manner--
Mercy ungraciously limited her reply to the one necessary word "Yes."
My aunt received this proposal so very ungraciously, that he never ventured on a second; but ever afterwards confined himself to looking watchfully at her for her suggestions, and rattling his money.
By a wilfulness, which was perhaps only the continuation of her earlier methods, though she felt herself attracted toward the men who might still suit her, she was so afraid of being accused of folly that she treated them ungraciously. Most persons in her society, being incapable of appreciating her motives, which were always noble, explained her manner towards her co-celibates as the revenge of a refusal received or expected.
Vanborough looked across the table, as ungraciously as possible, at his wife.
He accepted ungraciously, remarking that he was not used to late hours.
I didn't know him outside the official building, but he leaned forward the desk to shake hands with me, compassionately, as one would with some poor devil going out to be hanged; and I am afraid I performed my part ungraciously, in the hardened manner of an impenitent criminal.
They are ungraciously refusing to acknowledge the mandate of the people of India."
Recently the US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, whomped President Donald Trump and then ungraciously rubbed it in.
And he has bought himself little good grace with fans and officials, finding new excuses and ways to blame each latest defeat on his players, while ungraciously reminding critics of previous successes at Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid.
So good had Pep Guardiola's team looked that Jose Mourinho ungraciously moaned after the derby that the Blues had warmed up for the game with 'friendly' victories over Southampton (6-1) and Shakhtar (6-0), conveniently omitting that his team had in fact drawn with Southampton last season and could only claim a draw with the same opponents at the weekend.
In his Telegraph column, he wrote in opposition to the Danish burqa ban but landed himself in trouble by ungraciously referring to the women who wear them as looking like "letter boxes" and "bank robbers." In a climate of polarized political opinion, it should come as no surprise that the criticism of Johnson has been as vociferous as the praise.
Exhibit 1: On May 12, the NHGOP rather ungraciously pulled the rug out from under a former chair, one Jenn.