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(74) The bodies first spewed out of the fishy mouth of hell, rendered in the graphic style so associated with Haring and all clearly male, tumble ungracefully out of the maw and appear to land hard on the ground.
A drone dropped out of the sky, spiraling downward ungracefully, like a bird that has been shot.
One of the young, Icarus, immersed in his playful antics of branch swinging, ungracefully falls to the ground before Fossey.
Nevertheless, now the 69-year-old former wildman from Detroit - seemingly chastened by the recent losses of his two close friends, namely Lou Reed and David Bowie - has recorded a recital of Do Not Go Gentle, Thomas' paean to the art of ageing ungracefully.
Among leaving peers, 95% of them gracefully leave and 5% of them ungracefully leave [36], where the latter is detected by observing the lag of chunks received from the parent and the missing of heartbeat messages transmitted by the children every 5 seconds.
After a quick reality check-you'd be surprised how we senior citizens often forget we're senior, until we look in the mirror-I became uneasy, wondering if I was given the gift because I was aging ungracefully or, worse, disgracefully.
It's to demonstrate even this particular gang can grow old, not necessarily gracefully but can grow old ungracefully - or whatever it is we're doing."
The Short-Lived End of History Even as convergence theory was bowing out ungracefully, political theorist Francis Fukuyama was reinventing the concept.
The ground below my feet started to move, and I very ungracefully reversed course before stepping on a four-foot rattler.
(Thought we'd retire ungracefully together and reclaim our barrel in Flans!
"While it was absolutely freezing, the views over Coventry from the rooftop and getting the spend the day listening to people's stories from all sorts of ages and backgrounds, as well as the fun of (quite ungracefully) hopping down the side of the Cathedral made for a great day to raise money for a fantastic cause that will do great things both here and all over the world."
After taking a sip from his soda, he ungracefully dropped the soda on the floor while attempting to place it on the bedside table.
But, as we noted earlier, Oscar voters are probably a bit gun-shy about pouring too much gold on "Django Unchained," which has been widely accused of promoting racist language and gratuitous violence, and whose director has rather ungracefully responded to the charges.