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Synonyms for ungraceful

lacking dexterity and grace in physical movement

Synonyms for ungraceful

lacking grace


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'My meaning, Ned, is obvious--I observe another fly in the cream- jug, but have the goodness not to take it out as you did the first, for their walk when their legs are milky, is extremely ungraceful and disagreeable--my meaning is, that you must do as I did; that you must marry well and make the most of yourself.'
Hepzibah--stately as ever at heart, and yielding not an inch of her old gentility, but resting upon it so much the more, as justifying a princess-like condescension--exhibited a not ungraceful hospitality.
On the present occasion, however, she owed nothing to the witchery of dress, being clad in a riding habit of velvet, which would have appeared stiff and ungraceful on any other form.
Her figure was good; her movements slow but not ungraceful; her dress of white ivory satin a little extravagant for the occasion.
The music struck up, and away they went; Tom hopping one way and Polly the other, in a most ungraceful manner.
Variety, fluency, and not ungraceful strength are perhaps the chief qualities of Dryden's work, displayed alike in his verse and in his prose.
Newman's familiarity was never importunate; his sense of human equality was not an aggressive taste or an aesthetic theory, but something as natural and organic as a physical appetite which had never been put on a scanty allowance and consequently was innocent of ungraceful eagerness.
Her clean, dull calico dress belted in by her checked apron revealed the ungraceful lines of her figure.
There is nothing ungraceful, disrespectful or contemptuous - or even unfeminine - about women daring to shout about their own successes and celebrating being the best.
The dealings of his son-in-law and political adviser Khairy Jamaluddin were portrayed as corrupt nepotism.Mahathir engineered an ungraceful exit for Badawi, replacing him with Najib Razak in 2009.
The city "sprawls" in opposition to the open road, in an ungraceful stretching and etching of the land.
As the opposition stand together in a wobbly alliance, welded in an ungraceful hurry, made up of political opportunism and petulant disregard to national good, the latest stance speaks of their personal hegemonic agenda taking supremacy over the idea of doing the best for the country.
"Turning round to enquire what it was all about, I received another blow on my left shoulder from another brave burly for inquisitiveness, and was bustled up Temple Street in a most ungraceful sort of manner.
Natalie Portman is the putative headliner in "Vox Lux," an ambitious but ultimately ungraceful meditation on pop superstardom that spans decades, awkwardly weaving themes of school shootings, terrorism, obsessive fandom and post-traumatic stress into the psychological portrait of a singer whose career was born of tragedy.
Drinks were also thrown at Broner as he made an ungraceful exit.