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Synonyms for ungraceful

lacking dexterity and grace in physical movement

Synonyms for ungraceful

lacking grace


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My meaning, Ned, is obvious--I observe another fly in the cream- jug, but have the goodness not to take it out as you did the first, for their walk when their legs are milky, is extremely ungraceful and disagreeable--my meaning is, that you must do as I did; that you must marry well and make the most of yourself.
Hepzibah--stately as ever at heart, and yielding not an inch of her old gentility, but resting upon it so much the more, as justifying a princess-like condescension--exhibited a not ungraceful hospitality.
On the present occasion, however, she owed nothing to the witchery of dress, being clad in a riding habit of velvet, which would have appeared stiff and ungraceful on any other form.
The music struck up, and away they went; Tom hopping one way and Polly the other, in a most ungraceful manner.
Variety, fluency, and not ungraceful strength are perhaps the chief qualities of Dryden's work, displayed alike in his verse and in his prose.
Newman's familiarity was never importunate; his sense of human equality was not an aggressive taste or an aesthetic theory, but something as natural and organic as a physical appetite which had never been put on a scanty allowance and consequently was innocent of ungraceful eagerness.
Her clean, dull calico dress belted in by her checked apron revealed the ungraceful lines of her figure.
In the subsequent months, Nawaz Sharif would no longer be the prime minister and his trusted aide, finance minister Ishaq Dar, would also make an ungraceful exit.
Tension between civilian-military leadership along with uncertain economic policies, triggered by the ungraceful exit of finance minister Ishaq Dar, was another.
I'll get round to how it happened in a bit, but suffice to say, it was an ungraceful exit that led to a dent in my front tooth, pocket, but most painful of all, my ego.
When Vanya, for example, points out that Sonia's attraction to him 'comes from our living together, [because] there's no one else in the house ever since mother and father died,' one is made aware of an ungraceful quality haunting the expository parts of the writing.
All one has to do is to compare Bernholz's ungraceful prose with the lucidity of Leland Yeager's in Experiences with Stopping Inflation (American Enterprise Institute, Studies in Economic Policy, 1981), a book that convers much the same ground.
It is the job of the author to maintain that world, to hold the reader suspended throughout the entire book, and to prevent him or her from falling out of the fictional world with an ungraceful "whump.
Riedel is also launching a "Champagne wine glass," a bold departure from the flute, designed to avoid throwing your head back at ungraceful angles).
The giant stem supports a comparatively scanty canopy, which, even in old age, is not so ungraceful as that of Sequoia.