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Synonyms for ungoverned

Synonyms for ungoverned

not restrained or controlled

lacking in discipline or control

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While most companies take steps to protect themselves from hacking and other malicious activities, this report shows that these same organizations are entirely unprepared to guard against risky and ungoverned file sharing using consumer-grade applications like Dropbox.
Some analysts include the so-called "badlands" of northwest Pakistan in the list of ungoverned zones.
In a 2010 article in Foreign Affairs, Michael Crawford and Jami Miscik identify the emergence of "mezzanine" actors within ungoverned spaces, who insert themselves at the "level between the government and the people.
I think the role we should play is to encourage the Iraqi government to run a proper government on the part of all their people, then to accept help including from the Americans to close down the ungoverned space and deal with this brutal regime that's opening up in the middle of Iraq.
The most important intervention of all is to make sure that these governments are fully representative of the people who live in their countries, they close down the ungoverned space, and that they remove the support for the extremists.
These areas are ungoverned territories where law-enforcers have no writ.
The UK has a clear interest in the stability of Mali and ensuring its territory does not become an ungoverned space available for al Qaida and its associates to organise attacks on the West," he said.
We need to address the poisonous narrative these terrorists feed on, close down the ungoverned space in which they thrive and deal with the grievances they use to garner support".
The causes of a crisis are not, as is commonly assumed, the result of structural flaws or ungoverned space, but are instead specific to a particular place and time.
Events like the Arab Spring have created power vacuums and ungoverned lands where criminals and terrorist groups are able to operate with impunity.
As the world's newest ungoverned space, it poses a threat to the prosperity, stability and development of Mali and a potential threat to our common security.
The country, with its widely ungoverned tribal areas, has allowed for Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP, to flourish.
admiral Olson believes the group will refine their message to appeal to a wider audience and seek ungoverned spaces to work from, like somalia.
Although the West Jerusalem municipality tried to assure Palestinian residents who will be isolated by the Wall, telling them they will not lose their Jerusalem IDs or their rights, legal and political observers say the Jerusalemites will lose all their rights and citizenships, thus becoming an ungoverned entity.