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Synonyms for ungoverned

Synonyms for ungoverned

not restrained or controlled

lacking in discipline or control

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These authors with their thought-provoking articles on Ungoverned Spaces have made this issue of the Journal of International Affairs an essential contribution to an emerging field of study, a field that needs to first examine and understand what governance actually means in our increasingly interconnected but diverse world.
Pakistan has concerns over border management; over the Tehreek-e-Taliban; Pakistan's presence in ungoverned space in Afghanistan; refugee concerns, she said.
Our efforts towards peace are awaiting reciprocal actions from the Afghan side in terms of clearance of vast stretches of ungoverned spaces on the Afghan side, bilateral border management, repatriation of Afghan refugees, controlling poppy cultivation, drug trafficking and initiating Afghan-led and owned political reconciliation in Afghanistan.
The PM's spokesman said the IS move into Mali was creating "ungoverned spaces from which you can plot terrorist attacks on Europe".
Muhammad Faisal told Arab News: "Pakistani troops never initiate fire and only respond when they are fired upon; more than 43 percent of Afghan territory remains ungoverned. "Terrorist sanctuaries are there (in ungoverned areas of Afghanistan) from where they fired on Pakistani posts.
As early as 2007, the US-based think tank Rand Corporation issued a multiauthor study, 'Ungoverned Territories: Understanding and Reducing Terrorism Risks,' where it reported on 'ungoverned territories' and 'the challenges that these areas pose to US national security as breeding grounds for terrorism and criminal activities and launching pads for attacks against the United States and Western interests.'
"It is one of those problems that requires concerted international action," he said, adding cyberspace could not be "ungoverned space." "The law must prevail and security must prevail on the internet as it does everywhere else.
federal agency officials, testing their knowledge of the will of the American public, examining the relationship between their lack of knowledge with the enacting of federal regulations ungoverned by elected officials.
Companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter were accused of "passing the buck" and leaving parts of cyberspace "ungoverned and lawless" in a scathing critique.
"This will lead to the growth of ungoverned spaces, a breakdown of global norms and institutions, and an inability to tackle transnational threats" like terrorism and climate change.
Toner said Kerry did consider the rapid growth of groups like Daesh, particularly in ungoverned spaces, an existential threat.
AN organisational structure is being drawn up for a new body that will regulate the now ungoverned tourism and culture sectors.
Since 2010, Yemen has been on a slippery slope towards becoming an ungoverned or semi-governed territory, an experience shared by many others at different times in their history.
UNGOVERNED SPACES, STRICTLY DEFINED AS SPACES NOT EFFECTIVELY GOVERNED by the state, exist all over the world, presenting particular difficulties to public international law that is historically premised on sovereignty and state control.