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not of the nobility

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NBC ungently persuaded WHDH to re verse its decision, but if Leno's numbers do end up beyond disappointing, a wider rebellion might not die so easily.
While the rebels take this as the King's refusal to speak with them, we learn that for the King, the rebel presence on the riverbank was just too "unorderly" and "ungently" to be entertained (II 40, 43).
James and Annaliese court in a park very like the park in which the pagan rabbi was seduced away from the Law by a creature who was both plant and animal, for whom words became literally tangible, whose flesh bruised when she was addressed ungently, and for whom questions of right and wrong were transformed from moral into aesthetic issues.
Hair which, once upon a time in Jamaica, could have led to him and others like him being arrested, hauled and cuffed about in public--fiercely beaten--by the police; hair which the police might have cut off right there on the road if they chose, very ungently, before a largely approving public's eyes.
Church's Tradition, senses more ungently the duty to offer its own