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not befitting a gentleman

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Like the Prince, who indulged in the "indelicate, ungentlemanlike & wicked practise" of swearing (qtd.
As a look into the world of British book publishing before the advent of copyright law as we know it today, Mark Rose's study forces us to imagine the book market without authors in a time when it was considered "ungentlemanlike" for writers to publish their works.
Although Amanda (played by Jemima Rooper, a popular actor from the Poirot series, Silent Witness, Black Dahlia, and Kinky Boots) is the epitome of trendy chic, she loves those standards of Regency taste and "gentlemanlike" conduct implicit in Austen's values; she despises the urban (as opposed to urbane) and ungentlemanlike shorthand of the Noughties.