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Synonyms for ungenerous

lacking in magnanimity


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unwilling to spend

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I saw his anguish as, suddenly smiting his forehead, he turned abruptly to the window, and, looking upward at the placid sky, murmured passionately, 'O God, that I might die!' - and felt that to add one drop of bitterness to that already overflowing cup would be ungenerous indeed.
The magic egg-cup I usually carried about with me, and with its connivance I did some astonishing things with pennies, but even the penny that costs sixpence is uncertain, and just when you are saying triumphantly that it will be found in the egg-cup, it may clatter to the ground, whereon some ungenerous spectator, such as Irene, accuses you of fibbing and corrupting youthful minds.
'Is it ungenerous or dishonourable to be devoted to you; fascinated by you?'
Her heart had been long growing kinder towards Jane; and this picture of her present sufferings acted as a cure of every former ungenerous suspicion, and left her nothing but pity; and the remembrance of the less just and less gentle sensations of the past, obliged her to admit that Jane might very naturally resolve on seeing Mrs.
I find him static, ungenerous with his team-mates and technically limited.
"There's something so small, so ungenerous, so meagre and pinched about preventing birds from nesting in spring," tweeted nature writer Melissa Harrison.
Watching "The Happy Prince," writer-director-star Rupert Everett's account of the older Oscar Wilde, ungenerous viewers may think of someone who would have disdained the movie: Wilde.
For a country that consistently ranks among the highest in giving to charitable causes, it is deeply unfortunate that Pakistanis are so ungenerous where it comes to pledging their organs.
ONE wonders if Stephen Kinnock contacted Oxford or Cambridge to find out what the two universities are actually doing in Wales before making his somewhat ungenerous remarks.
The government had previously said that if they came forward, those people would be given leave to remain legally in Britain for 12 months — a stance criticised as ungenerous to people whose lives had been devastated by the tragedy.
This birthday is calling your attention to this distinctly ungenerous way of looking at your way of living, working, thinking and loving, and turning those warm feelings you have for others towards yourself.
I felt relieved when I heard about Qadri, a primal, ungenerous relief
Its ungenerous, and short-sighted members should face the real facts and address them with an appropriate policy.
But I've learned that if somebody only calls to ask a favour, or to tell you that you didn't live up to his or her expectations, or offer ungenerous judgment masquerading as advice, then it's just fine to keep that individual from crossing the velvet ropes dividing the outer world from your inner life.
At best, these shores of shale and rock have been ungenerous to humans trying to eke out a living; at worst, they have proven deadly.