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Synonyms for ungainly

Synonyms for ungainly

lacking dexterity and grace in physical movement

difficult to handle or manage

Synonyms for ungainly

lacking grace in movement or posture

difficult to handle or manage especially because of shape

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We don't want that to happen to Coco and Vice in this instance, so we hope that the ungainly disconnect is mitigated and resolved forthwith!
Granted the amazing species I was lucky enough to see there were exceptionally photogenic --the comical blue-footed booby, ungainly but endearing giant albatross chicks and the mind-blowing great frigate bird amongst others.
The nose designs have been criticised for the ungainly look they have created on many cars.
She had an ungainly gait for a lady and when I glanced at her size 13 boots I could not help but wonder.
It doesn't take long for a run of bad games to lead to strikers being described as ungainly or cumbersome - I s hould know - bu t he should suit the Hammers perfectly.
Long the scourge of London Mayor Boris Johnson, the "bulky and ungainly monstrosities" will not be seen on the city's streets once the 207 from White City to Hayes Bypass parks up in the early hours of Saturday morning.
She toppled over in a rather ungainly fashion while attempting to undertake the not-exactly-difficult task of walking downstairs.
And, bizarrely, Graham has a hilariously ungainly running action that would shame even Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Walks, while her gym-toned co-stars have clearly only been chosen for their gymnastic abilities.
Bizarrely, Graham has an hilariously ungainly running action that would shame even Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Walks.
When it becomes clear that Luis will just drag her down again, Maria aligns herself with blonde adonis Brandon (Randy Wayne) and his ungainly dance crew.
She looked a tad ungainly as she jumped a puddle but the swanky bag was unscathed.
We now have a carbuncle cup winner in the ferry terminal (which apes the ungainly lines of the museum), and Neptune's black coffins which block the view of the Three Graces.
Ungainly and unfeminine, Bliss loves indie music and she stands little chance of winning the Miss Blue Bonnet Pageant, which her mother is convinced she will win.
The human body, with all its dangly bits, is such an ungainly object that I started wondering if there were any dances which would be remotely dignified by being performed in the buff?
I'm guilty too- me, an unbeliever/raising a miracle, these ungainly hoppers/pelting my chest, my hips/fixing a moment//to my shorts, my footfall opening one/so brilliantly into flight you might think/butterfly, before its wings let it down.