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Synonyms for ungainly

Synonyms for ungainly

lacking dexterity and grace in physical movement

difficult to handle or manage

Synonyms for ungainly

lacking grace in movement or posture

difficult to handle or manage especially because of shape

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He made the truck of logs and mounted it on ungainly wheels sawed from a tree trunk."
Walk Like a Penguin "WALK carefully, like a penguin," Is the latest advice, For staying on your feet, If you're crossing the ice, Though to waddle is ungainly, And you can't move very fast, And, on an Adele basis, Wearing stilettos should probably be left, Until Storm Emma has passed, So, in this type of weather, Keep your covered knees loose, And your arms, for balance, Out to the side, Best to look like an Emperor ...
In addition, my ungainly technique caused the sharp pen points which we dipped into actual inkwells nestled into the desktops to rip into my rough-grained, lined practice sheets.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Ophelia 9 Onion 10 Dummy 11 Usurper 12 Ran 13 True blue 16 Extracts 17 Gut 19 Plateau 21 Grime 22 Ennui 23 Engulfs DOWN: 1 Poldark 2 Chamonix 3 Clay 4 Columbus 5 Wisp 6 Intro 8 Acupuncture 13 Turmeric 14 Ungainly 15 Atheist 18 Ypres 20 Aunt 21 Gags QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Plaster cast 8 Sue 9 Was 11 Prairie 12 Cramp 13 Urn 14 Tee 15 Several 17 Tie 19 Opal 21 Lynx 23 Lobe 25 Safe 27 Ten 29 Stiffen 31 Add 34 Ask 36 Leapt 37 Earache 38 Dam 39 Red 40 Represented DOWN: 1 Purr 2 Lean 3 Surgeon 4 Eleven 5 Cocoa 6 Swat 7 Tame 8 Spurt 10 Spell 16 Lob 18 Elf 20 Pet 22 Yes 24 Overrun 25 Scald 26 Afters 28 Naked 30 Tutor 32 Dear 33 Dame 34 Acre 35 Shed
Wary of repeating the past--particularly the ickiest missteps--contemporary writers often approach sex with an ungainly self-awareness.
The 7-1 chance had looked green and ungainly under pressure but kept on strongly to deny the runner-up Carol, who had been backed to a low of 1.13.
To be captured dad dancing on video in a Verbier nightclub, and having your ungainly moves broadcast all over the world, or to be caught doing it while shirking the Commonwealth Day service in Westminster Abbey?" Royal expert Penny Junor.
This compromised credibility makes their scenes together sometimes feel awkward and ungainly, so the sooner the cop realizes whom he's really dealing with, the better for everyone.
Police personnel looked on while the ungainly scene wrapped up before an uglier twist.
A budding Chinese Sherlock Holmes meets his dumbass Watson in Bangkok and solves a locked-room murder in singer-actor-director Chen Sicheng's "Detective Chinatown," a carefully constructed mystery that blends screechy comedy and crazed action in high-spirited but somewhat ungainly fashion.
The next time Manchester construct an 'ungainly hulk' I hope the Birmingham Post and Mail can send a thoroughly biased reporter to do a review.
Published as a large soft backed book, the illustrations by Ross Collins are so lovely and lively as they chart the adventures of the boy (now pigeon) and so endearing as he becomes more straggly and ungainly as he's shooed from place to place.
Using two hoists provides greater stability when handling large and ungainly loads.
The nose designs have been criticised for the ungainly look they have created on many cars.
If it were possible for Guillem to be ungainly it would be here.