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not furnished with funds


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Mr Pitt said the LNPs spendometer for unfunded promises could top $48 billion if Tim Nicholls decided to be honest with Queenslanders and reveal the price tag for the very fast train he had promised for South East Queensland.
Ed Thompson, R-Pearland, insisted passage of the bill would impose an unfunded mandate on local school districts.
Bank Leumi said that calculation of the capitalisation interest on liabilities for first generation employees at the bank entitled to an unfunded pension would be conducted according to the average yield during the past eight quarters on government bonds, plus the spread of the yields on AA-rated corporate bonds in the US.
From these actuarial accrued liabilities and assets are derived two main indicators of a plan's health--the funded ratio and unfunded liabilities.
Rattled Tories yesterday rushed out two unfunded election pledges in a bid to get back on the front foot, but both unravelled within hours.
13, 2013, from the INPRS board of trustees to the Indiana General Assembly, INPRS stated that rate is "well above prevailing private market rates," and has created $143 million in unfunded liabilities.
In the NIER's assessment, however, it is considered probable that the unfunded measures will amount to SEK 23 billion in 2013.
The report states that Worcester cut nearly $400 million from its unfunded retiree health care liability in the 2010 fiscal year but still has a $765 million unfunded liability that is unaffordable.
The total unfunded OPEB liability reported in state and the largest local governments' CAFRs exceeds $530 billion.
And officials are worried that the state's already massive unfunded liabilities for pensions and retiree health benefits -- estimated as high as $300 billion combined -- will only continue to grow.
Single-employer plans with unfunded vested benefits must pay the PBGC a variable-rate premium equal to $9 per $1,000.
Beginning July 1, community colleges and all other public entities will have to report their unfunded liabilities to comply with Rule 45, a mandate from the California Governmental Accounting Standards Board, to set aside money for future benefits.
It's actually going to be much more expensive than that when one takes into ac count the mammoth long-term unfunded liability of the drug benefit (what is promised over what is provided for in revenues).
Spellings, asserted that NCLB is an unfunded mandate and, for relief, sought the ability to use federal education funds as they saw fit.
In 1995, after two years of one of the most effective and aggressive joint lobbying efforts by organizations representing state and local governments, (1) Congress passed and President Bill Clinton signed the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act of 1995, commonly known as UMRA (Public Law # 104-4).