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  • adj

Synonyms for unfruitful

unable to produce offspring

lacking or unable to produce growing plants or crops

Antonyms for unfruitful

not fruitful

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Exploring psychotherapeutic practice from a phenomenological perspective would allow us to better understand the interplay of episteme, techne and phronesis, instead of continuing an unfruitfully reductionist epistemological polemic.
Ebbage has toured, played and recorded with Justin King, who was briefly and unfruitfully signed to the Epic recording label.
About two years were spent unfruitfully with negotiations on details, and then the process was restarted, this time with a consortium made of four local companies who won a section.
Debates about how much is natural and how much constructed continue to hover, often unfruitfully, around the essentialist/constructionist opposition.
So when it was over, so quickly and unfruitfully, I was unwilling to turn around and go right back to Hagalund.