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Synonyms for unfruitful

unable to produce offspring

lacking or unable to produce growing plants or crops

Antonyms for unfruitful

not fruitful

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When Globe landed upon Lisbon as the city of choice for this trip, I was warned before leaving that it was going to be an unfruitful mission.
After this unfruitful dialogue, we the association body later resolved to continue with the strike since their dialogue with the bank's management has been unsuccessful," Garang told Sudan Tribune.
However, the efforts of the Security Council have so far remained unfruitful.
A protracted deal for Eibar centreback Florian Lejeune remains close while moves for Chelsea forward Tammy Abraham and goalkeeper Willy Caballero proved unfruitful.
Biochemists] now believe that the only possible living forms are based on carbon compounds (as on earth), and that speculations about silicon-based extraterrestrial life are unfruitful.
The foreign ministers of the 10 countries that make up the Association of Southeast Asian Nations deliberated for several hours, continuing the unfruitful discussions their senior officials had on, but with no result, Indian Express reported.
The Southeast Asian nation has introduced 4 consecutive unfruitful efforts to join the 36-member council of the ICAO that placed international standards and practices for aircraft operations and maintenance.
Azzi said that the meeting is assigned to discuss the Arab nominations for the International Work Organization Board in order not to enter into an unfruitful competition, pointing out that "such positions are to serve the interest of the Arab people not for showing off.
It further states that the renewal of dry lease of four aircraft till May, 2014 without factoring in shortage of crew, loss making routes and payload restrictions was against the rationale of acquisition of 18 new aircraft and led to unfruitful expenditure of USD 76.
He said as per SSUET tradition vast majority of its students focus on their studies and do not waste their valuable time in useless and unfruitful activities.
His efforts for consensus of parliamentary parties in favour of proposed constitutional amendment to pave the way for its approval by parliament were unfruitful.
FOR 86 unfruitful minutes, it looked like this game would be aptly symbolic of the Hayward era.
Abbas stressed that the unfruitful results at the UNSC led the Palestinian leadership to adopt a series of procedures to rescue its cause.
The imposition of fees is the sole solution for tackling the current housing crisis because all attempts made by other government and financing agencies were unfruitful, the expert said.
He said seven rounds of talks were held but remained unfruitful.