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not frozen


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Punjab's Caretaker Chief Minister Hasan Askari Rizvi confirmed that Ludhianvi had been removed from the watchlist, and that his assets would be unfrozen and travel restrictions on him removed.
The first instance court in Brussels unfroze around $21.5 billion assets of the National Welfare Fund and ruled the remaining $530 million assets can be unfrozen at UK courts, the Justice Ministry of Kazakhstan said.
It means that this striking and familiar bird has struggled to find unfrozen areas of water where it might catch small fish.
His lawyer told the judge that if the accounts of the trust were not unfrozen, it would have to be shut, risking the future of the children.
Harlan [4] first established the water-heat coupling model based on the principles of unfrozen water dynamics and energy conservation, and the equations in this model had a clear physical meaning.
Freezing soil consists of mineral, organic matter, unfrozen water, ice, air, and microorganism.
Unfrozen nectars was the fastest-growing category in juice, with a 100% retail volume increase in 2015.
Speaking Sunday to the Al-Alam news network, Nobakht said part of the unfrozen assets belongs to the government and the rest to the Central Bank of Iran, the National Development Fund, banks, and state-owned entities.
Summary: The governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) has announced that Tehran will be able to access more than $32 billion in unfrozen assets after the removal of sanctions.
Just how much unfrozen cash is the Islamic Republic about to get its hands on?
The nature charity says there are three key things that birds will need in winter: food, unfrozen water and shelter.
New Zealand's Controversial web tycoon Kim Dotcom had a momentary fortune on Thursday when his US$42 million of assets belonging were unfrozen by a Hong Kong court.
In Division Two it was all about the relegation dog fight with Unfrozen Cavemen knowing that only a win and a slip up from Notts Forest would see them stay up.
Marzouki regretted that some funds belonging to the "criminals" of Ben Ali's regime had been unfrozen.
Nokia hopes that its Chennai manufacturing plant could be unfrozen ahead of its sale to Microsoft Corporation.