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divest of the frock


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Cleary, Joseph Slattery: the romance of an unfrocked priest.
The last Christian to be eaten by a lion was the unfrocked Rector of Stiffkey.
An agitated Demetrius promptly recalled, dismissed, and unfrocked him.
Now I've got a little book here by an Italian monk who was unfrocked for being a radical, and he's proved that Jesus Christ was one of 16 children and the Virgin Mary was a whore.
With much success, with a credibility insured by his literary tact, Merimee tried his own hand at such stories: unfrocked the bear in the amorous young Lithuanian noble, the wolf in the revolting peasant of the Middle Age.
Mahony said the panel will be able to make recommendations directly to him on whether a priest should be unfrocked, placed on leave or subjected to other action.
Recently, Ceri made his TV debut with a late-night show on HTV called Ceri Dupree Unfrocked.
He was an unfrocked confessor figure, an unpaid consultant, and an unlicensed psychiatrist with a large client base.
He was close to men as diverse as an unfrocked Irish archbishop, Oxford dons and George Fox the Quaker, and he rejoiced to find `the root of the matter' in all of them.
In the eventful story that follows, as Tom returns to life and work, we see him in relationships with his films, friends, co-workers and most notably his family: his rich and elegant wife, Claire, whom he appreciates; his daughter Cora, whom he adores for her beauty; his unattractive daughter Marigold, whom he dislikes - "an unfrocked priest of a woman," he calls her - and who, midway through the novel, disappears, later to make a farcical return.
With my delusions unfrocked and Post readers still clinging to theirs, the issue boiled down to just one question: what does an ombudsman or readers' advocate or people's advocate or people's editor do?