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without frets

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Note that the E and A notes to the left of the chart are played "open" or unfretted. Practice the G scale until you can go from note to note fairly rapidly, using the correct fingers.
DEBRA YOUNG MAGGART, a Tennessee state representative who said that gay men adopt boys "in order to have 'unfretted' access to subject them to a life of molestation and sexual abuse." She also probably thinks Bigfoot killed JFK.
The upper, main strings--some of which are unfretted drones and others for the playing of melody--are plucked with a special plectrum made from thick wire, worn on the index finger of the right hand.
The first three had been unfretted, but this `desert clavichord' or `Clavichordium.
As the Composer is not to paint a storm here, but the gathering of one, Sordinis might have a good effect.' A sordino or sordina is a small violin-like instrument, bowed and unfretted with four strings, in a variety of narrow shapes; often called a kit or kytte (Sadie (ed.), The New Grove Dictionary, xvii.
"Loverlike," the daughter "with her happy gaze finds all that's best" and "sees this fair and that unfretted still" (16.10-11).
Now tighten or loosen the second string until it produces the same pitch at the third fret as the first string does when played open (or unfretted).
Clavichords can be fretted, where several keys and tangents act on a single course of strings (but not at the same time), or unfretted, where each key and tangent strikes only one set of strings.
But beneath it I had also seen the grace of unhurried human movement, noticed the serenity of acceptance reflected in elderly but unfretted faces."
He plays the earlier repertory on a copy of an early 18th-century fretted clavichord, and the later on an unfretted 1771 Hubert copy, both made in 1986 by Karin Richter.
On page 91, the viol turns up with an "unfretted fingerboard"; and on page 153, a trombonist must execute a glissando by "moving his valve back and forth." Gebrauchsmusik is repeatedly missing its connective s, while Kepler's original, Latin title of his Harmony of the Universe has a preposition gratuitously tacked onto the front of it.