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Antonyms for unframed

not provided with a frame


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The individual prints are produced in a giclee (PS695) and boxed canvas (PS750 unframed, PS995 framed) format.
ADL designs and manufactures readya[euro]toa[euro]hang wall art, including framed and unframed art on printed/embellished canvas, laminated wood plaques and wall decals.
She also elaborates on the techniques of understanding culture and education as unifying but unframed systems in modern community discourse, challenging social transformation in all walks of life.
- Adding a frame to any unframed bathroom mirrors immediately gives a finished look to the room - and will add great style to your guests' reflection.
They said they found 121 framed and 1,285 unframed paintings, in good condition.
Try Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Peter Rabbit, both priced at PS39.99 for an unframed version (w w w.spine lessclassics.com).
Try Charlie and the Chocolate factory or Peter Rabbit, both [euro]47.99 unframed (www.spinelessclassics.com).
The first-prize winner will receive a penguin encounter; second prize winner will receive an 8" x 10" unframed penguin art piece from the Aquarium; and the honorable mention winner will receive a 4" x 6" unframed penguin art piece from the Aquarium.
They come mounted but unframed in two sizes - 8in by 10in or 11in by 14in - from PS45 at www.catsprintshop.com ?
Paintings inspired by Wolfe Birds by Janie Davis, $60 (unframed); The Early Settler, 4500 1-55 N., Jackson, earlysettlergifts.com; Noble-Watts Jewelers, 157 N.
The Eugene Storefront Art Project is accepting framed and unframed photographs for an exhibit that will run during August.
Limited edition copies of the prints will be available for sale, costing pounds 395 unframed or pounds 625 framed.
Individual prints cost pounds 395 unframed or pounds 625 framed.
Local people have been invited to search their attics and donate any unwanted pictures and paintings, framed or unframed, which will be exhibited and sold, with proceeds going to Holy Trinity Church.
After months of successful touring under the auspices of Tony-winning executive producer Jane Dubin, Mandingo will perform his autobiographical one-man show unFRAMED this month as part of the Art of Justice series at the Gerald W.