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For several days, global media outlets have been discussing the potentials of how the discovered tomb could contain the remains of Alexander the Great, which remain unfound until today.
he a d ted a h d g de g The t s m dh h i d madhouse that is Leeds Unid mi h h m g just ve i United might have f unfound its Mr Right found d i M i h it Ri ht ini Loco.
We just didn't know what might be lurking out there unfound. Now, after a diligent search that began in 1998, astronomers think we have effectively "retired the risk" of any object larger than a kilometer (0.6 mile) in diameter colliding with our world in the foreseeable future (see page 12).
Readers learn that shortly after Jake and Roland left the waystation together in The Gunslinger, the man in black used the door there, which is labeled "Unfound," to bring a man named Pere Callahan to the same location.
The statistics show 196 male absconders remained unfound as of February 9.
He lived to know that pursuit of passion was to lead to troubled waters, but also found out that blind alleys often lead to hitherto unfound lands, too.
Accessible only to travelers with an inclination towards unfound beauty, it can only be reached by swimming or kayaking in a water tunnel.
Both separately and in a unity of recollection, he recalls and re-experiences a child's imprinted images and feelings with the adult's subsequent reinterpretation of the initiation into the stuff of life: Love - sought, unfound - betrayed or unperceived - carnal, illusory.
He once again levelled unsubstantiated and unfound allegations that Pakistan has given safe haven to the terrorists.
With allegations of the EVMs being tampered with to favour the BJP in the UP assembly elections, a feeling that the ruling can well trigger a dramatic collapse of the opposition chances in any election is not unfound either!
Maybe with larger R&D funding we would already be benefiting from as yet unfound materials!
Benedict had set off in October without any tracking equipment to find an isolated tribe who, as far as I can work out, were pretty happy being unfound rather than being peered at by posh boys making like Dr Livingstone.
I believe there are many unfound revenue opportunities still to be explored by every publisher, with or without a press.
Most of these practices are based on core knowledge and wisdom, but some of them have emerged purely from intuition, superstitions and unfound beliefs.