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Synonyms for unfortunately



Synonyms for unfortunately

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Unfortunately the chaparral extended only a short distance up the slope, and as we came into the open ground above we took the fire of a dozen rifles; but Apaches shoot badly when in a hurry, and God so willed it that none of us fell.
No doubt; but unfortunately for the prisoners, the Abbe Faria had an attack of catalepsy, and died.
While he was giving us these confidences, unfortunately, his eyes came to rest, at first accidentally, then wistfully, then with a horrid gleam in them, on the little dog, which was fooling about on the top of the sausage-machine, and his hands went out toward it convulsively, whereat David, in sudden fear, seized the dog in one arm and gallantly clenched his other fist, and then Joey begged his pardon and burst into tears, each one of which he flung against the wall, where it exploded with a bang.
I came in early this morning to go through some manuscripts at a second-hand bookseller's here, and I have unfortunately missed the train back.
Those are, unfortunately, just the questions which we can't answer yet.
AFTER losing them, he ran on four legs and went faster, so that I think he might have got away altogether if he had not unfortunately run into a gooseberry net, and got caught by the large buttons on his jacket.
Unfortunately, Thedora, who, with her sweeping and polishing, makes a perfect sanctuary of my room, is not over-pleased at the arrangement.
Unfortunately, a return to such simple ornamentation is impossible.
Unfortunately, all the mischief-makers constituted the entire audience.
Unfortunately Towers, as with Wates and Knevitt before him (Community Architecture, Penguin 1987) tends to give the impression that professionals were always in charge and always the people who took the initiative.
He could gloomily foresee "growing difficulties in the struggle to persuade students to read the text - a struggle that will unfortunately coincide with the current fashion for what is called 'teaching through performance'" - and the thousandth class paper on "the teabag Tempest.
Unfortunately, everyday operational pressures have caused these effective measures to be put aside in favor of temporary expediency.
Unfortunately, the Osborne chapter is little more than a well-packaged list of administrative proverbs.
It's all excellent ground, but unfortunately with the times financing is difficult to obtain to explore it, explains Ed Bettiol, general manager of the Stock Township operation.
Unfortunately, some members of Congress have been advocating retroactive policy changes, including the rollback of tax provisions and other measures, despite the overwhelming evidence that these policies would only raise prices for the consumer and do great harm to the nation's energy supply and security.