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Synonyms for unformed

having no distinct shape

Antonyms for unformed

not having form or shape


not formed or organized

References in classic literature ?
Pandora remarked also that she wanted to show her little sister everything while she was comparatively unformed ("comparatively!" he mutely gasped); remarkable sights made so much more impression when the mind was fresh: she had read something of that sort somewhere in Goethe.
There was one dim unformed fear lingering about his sister's mind, to which she never gave utterance, which surrounded the graceless and ungrateful boy with a dreadful mystery.
I have had unformed ideas of striving afresh, beginning anew, shaking off sloth and sensuality, and fighting out the abandoned fight.
The unformed childish characters traced these last words of farewell:
Deliberating the contours of his Naya Pakistan based on the principles of State of Madina, Imran Khan said it would ensure meritocracy, accountability for the influential and unformed curriculum to end the apartheid education system.
"There are unformed and plain clothed police regularly patrolling on our network alongside record levels of frontline customer service staff.
Vince Howard, Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Services' On-Call Liaison Officer, said: "By working in collaboration with Loughborough College, we are providing the overarching support to give students a pathway between their mainstream education and their full-time employment with Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service, or any other unformed service they may choose to go on to in the future."
In prohibiting cops from drinking liquor in public, Duterte explained that he wanted to avoid incidents where unformed personnel get into a drunken fight and put lives in danger.
According to those same sources, Foreign Minister Jean Yves Le Drian has warned that President Emmanuel Macron would call off his Lebanon visit if the government remained unformed. Besides, do you confirm that Le Drian has also indicated that France has recently ceased aids to the Lebanese army?
Can a price tag even be put on an idea so unformed?
/ All your rafters broken, / the ridge pole destroyed, / gone to the Unformed, the mind / has come to the end of craving.
"This Parliament works under an unformed [caretaker] Cabinet to legislate for CEDRE only," Yacoubian told The Daily Star.
Though unformed yet, it is also being stated that Naila bid farewell to her colleagues on the same day on which Sethi's resignation was tendered in.
He lacks experience as a parliamentarian having shunned parliament for most of the last session, his team is yet unformed at the cabinet level although there will of course have been behind-the-arras discussions, and most importantly he has yet to prove himself as a leader of Pakistan in all of its diversity.