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  • adj

Synonyms for unformed

having no distinct shape

Antonyms for unformed

not having form or shape


not formed or organized

References in classic literature ?
She was indeed still unformed, but was evidently as light as a feather.
She had gradually come to be interested in her niece, and fond of her; she disliked some things about her very much, she was amused by others; but she felt her, on the whole, a live if unformed human being, experimental, and not always fortunate in her experiments, but with powers of some kind, and a capacity for feeling.
Yes, that was the origin of one of the grossest scenes which, in their repetition, must have had a deplorable effect on the unformed character of the most pitiful of de Barral's victims.
They are part of the unformed service anyway," said dela Rosa.
But that little boy, now grown a man Would daily return to where it all began And even now when he's grown old And locally his tale is no more told It happened all such a long time ago They forgot how in sun and winter snow He's still seen on that blackened bridge Not knowing how on some foreign ridge Like so many others his Tom was cut down Just like in every other village and town Where memorials note their names in stone Only those who loved them mourned their own But the boy on the bridge he never mourned For him time stood still, his mind unformed He's grown old now, but has the face of a boy His hair is white but one day his joy Will know no bounds when Tom gets off the train And he'll really be just a boy again C.
The photographs enable real insight into an important part of music history in its raw, unformed state.
The Simplexa assay detects the Clostridium difficile toxin B gene (tcdB), present in liquid or unformed stool samples, aiding in the diagnosis of C.
This rate was determined by the resolution of diarrhoea (less than or equal to three unformed bowel movements per days for at least two consecutive days) as well as the lack of further need for CDAD therapy on study treatment and maintained for two days after the end of study treatment.
The study comprised 835 adults who had developed acute infectious diarrhea within 4 weeks of international travel (at least three unformed stools, along with symptoms of enteric infection).
It's hard enough being a kid these days without unnecessarily complicating the situation with pressures, intimations and insinuations that they're too young, unformed and uninformed to comfortably contend with.
I had only some dim and unformed sense, a sense which struck me now and then, and which I could not explain coherently, that for some years the South and particularly the Gulf Coast had been for America what people were still saying California was, and what California seemed to me not to be: the future, the secret source of malevolent and benevolent energy, the psychic center.
Regrettably it has every chance of being confused, unformed and half-baked and it will be left for teachers to pick up the pieces.
But despite being told, arguably more, about Cameron the man than any other politician he remains vacuous, strangely unformed, a cipher for the real interests and forces he represents.
Nawaz "There needs to be more of a police presence, whether unformed or not in the area.
The contract is for the measurement of electromagnetic fields unformed wave beyond 6 GHz (in formed wave) and for RADAR by accredited independent bodies in the monitoring and measuring electromagnetic waves set up by law n.