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Synonyms for unforgiving

unwilling or unable to forgive or show mercy


not to be placated or appeased or moved by entreaty

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"It seems to me," she went on in a voice like a wave of love itself, "that one should try to understand before one sets up for being unforgiving. Forgiveness is a very fine word.
But besides that I was of an unforgiving disposition from my birth, slow to take offence, slower to forget it, and now incensed both against my companion and myself.
He is implacable--and yet if a man's brother or son has been slain he will accept a fine by way of amends from him that killed him, and the wrong-doer having paid in full remains in peace among his own people; but as for you, Achilles, the gods have put a wicked unforgiving spirit in your heart, and this, all about one single girl, whereas we now offer you the seven best we have, and much else into the bargain.
Such unforgiving selfishness is difficult to understand unless as a perverse sort of refinement.
"Look at that blacksmith, for instance," went on Father Brown calmly; "a good man, but not a Christian--hard, imperious, unforgiving. Well, his Scotch religion was made up by men who prayed on hills and high crags, and learnt to look down on the world more than to look up at heaven.
Between games he supplied me with odd pieces of evidence, such as that he had known the Moultries all his life, being their cousin, and that Miss Mary, the eldest, was an unforgiving woman who would never let bygones be.
This compilation of short pieces communicates to the rest of us the unique value of this land and, despite its harsh and unforgiving aspects, its tender fragility.
But his weakness is his unforgiving attitude to his team-mates.''
"The processes are unforgiving if you make a mistake," says Darcell Walker, a private practice patent attorney in Houston.
The book conjured up the social pathology and the psychological trauma of black Americans caught in the throes of unforgiving ghettoes, particularly Harlem, where Brown took his first steps into an odyssey that came to an end this year, on February 2.
It is an unforgiving way to work: The drawings must be finished quickly, before the paper dries and ignites.
This heinous conduct by the owner (as viewed by DHCR's unforgiving eyes), would generally result in the imposition of treble damages being heaped onto the rent refund and frozen rent caused by a single non-registration.
He then ordered the military to be 'unforgiving' to the communist rebels amid their attacks against government forces.
It is a form of the sport that is particularly unforgiving.
Yep, fans can be a pretty unforgiving species - none more so than when they don't believe one of their own is producing the goods.