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Synonyms for unfolding

a progression from a simple form to a more complex one

Synonyms for unfolding

a developmental process


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These two deaths -- one certain, the other in question -- set the unfolding in motion.
With heat, the structure of collagen is disrupted by strong oscillations that break the bonds between molecules, and this may affect DM unfolding time.
Stuart's dad, Kevin, told the Press Association: "He walked out of a place into everything unfolding in front of him.
The article about the discovery,"Leaf unfolding of Tibetan alpine meadows captures the arrival of monsoon rainfall," was published in Scientific Reports, a British journal.
A news report emerged Wednesday purporting to show a chaos unfolding in Greek island of Lesbos, where thousands of refugees have landed after the perilous sea journey to Europe.
ALMOST two million more people have diabetes than 18 years ago and the disease is causing an "unfolding public health disaster", a charity has warned.
These changes in intrinsic protein fluorescence can be used to monitor protein unfolding. This is valuable information for applications such as medical diagnostics, where researchers are investigating neurodegenerative and other diseases associated with improper protein unfolding.
Unfolding Sky promises to be an exciting new production and will also serve as the launch for the attraction's wider programme of live performances.
We'll be able to follow the unfolding fates of seven people who were actually there - including a paratrooper, a submariner, a nurse and a military cameraman.
Using SMFS, we and others have shown that the PC1 N-terminal extracellular region is highly extensible and that this extensibility is mainly caused by the unfolding and refolding of its PKD domains [13-15].
Youngsters from Wingrove Primary School, in Fenham, worked with North East theatre company Unfolding Theatre and visual artist Molly Barrett to design the dragons, give them names and decided what their eggs should look like.
The unfolding free energy [DELTA]([G.sub.U]) depends linearly on the denaturant concentration as:
THE Government will do more to help tackle the "unfolding tragedy" of the famine in East Africa, Nick Clegg has said.
The statement said that the two leaders discussed the unfolding events in Egypt, and their shared commitment to a future that realizes the aspirations of the Egyptian people.