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  • verb

Synonyms for unfold

Synonyms for unfold

to move or arrange so as to cover a larger area

to be disclosed gradually

Synonyms for unfold

develop or come to a promising stage

open to the view

extend or stretch out to a greater or the full length

spread out or open from a closed or folded state

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I have already hinted at some similarities between law and theater: the trial unfolds like a plot unfolds, in both settings there is a story which is being told through the speeches of the actors.
Director Keith Tresize said: "The plot is so complex but it all begins to make sense as it unfolds.
They sent a remote command to unfold the mirror, made of a thin membrane covered by a metal layer.
CIMLOGIC's latest version of Toolbox/SM for Solids generates and unfolds sheet metal models directly inside the Autodesk Mechanical Desktop 3.
In this mesmerizing story, which unfolds with the compelling force of a mystery novel, Lessard explores how her powerful and infamous great-grandfather, the architect Stanford White, has haunted her family through four generations.
A tug on the protein made it lengthen by 3 nano-meters, just the amount one would expect when something the size of an alpha helix unfolds from the barrel.
We watch the whole action unfold in unmanipulated real time, yet this scene, like all the scenes of the janitor at work, has a certain mesmeric appeal.
Not only does Unfold smooth, tighten and firm the skin, it also helps augment and maintain the results of cosmetic procedures, especially when combined with other topical anti-aging formulas.
coli unfold when they land in stomach acid after being accidentally ingested by humans and other animals.
The entire cosmic symphony, Whittle notes, is the prelude to a remarkable transformation that continues to unfold nearly 14 billion years later: the evolution of the universe from a smooth, hot broth to a lumpy, cold stew of stars, galaxies, and galaxy clusters.
I wanted the students to unfold the narrative of Aalto's library by writing within it their version of the city of Vyborg, and then to live in the unfolding narrative they'd helped create.
Some of the reporters were near the World Trade Center at the time of the tragedy, while others saw the news unfold on television, and made the bold decision to race to the site of what would become Ground Zero.
8 Now fold and unfold along the three dashed lines.
If this were to occur, further downside momentum in the financial markets may unfold.
In all, 17 teams still have a shot at the postseason, and in each team's city, fans are clamoring to go to the ballpark to watch the races unfold.