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  • verb

Synonyms for unfold

Synonyms for unfold

to move or arrange so as to cover a larger area

to be disclosed gradually

Synonyms for unfold

develop or come to a promising stage

open to the view

extend or stretch out to a greater or the full length

spread out or open from a closed or folded state

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Hence, we conclude that domains REJd3 and REJd4 form mechanically weak structures (random-coil or unfolded conformation) that unfold at forces that are below the resolution of our AFM (<10 pN).
Urea and guanidinium ion (used in the form of guanidinium chloride-GdnHCI) favor the denatured state by increasing the solubility of the unfolded chain in an aqueous solution.
Thus, at the outset of the unit, they describe the setting where the action will most likely take place, and they make predictions about what they suspect will occur--in other words, they anticipate how the plot in this, their chosen story, may unfold. Subsequently, they revisit, reconsider, and revise their previous predictions based on what has occurred.
Unfoldin unfolds abnormal prion protein, the chief cause of mad cow disease, formerly known as bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, the researchers said.
On both sides of the car, panels rotate 90 degrees and unfold into V-shaped hydrofoils.
Where Larner tends to arrest the image in time and space, in Green's work the image unfolds like a film.
* Brief the crisis team on necessary background information and how the drill will unfold. Emphasize imagination, effort, and participation.
Life unfolds in space and its progress is seen in time.
As the stories unfold, the paths of the three women cross and criss-cross until they finally meet and sit together at the airport.
For the fact is that substantive Law requires application and has to unfold; and therefore we require procedural law that deals with the process of unfolding.
In all, Duvall demonstrates that Morrison's texts not only wrestle with precursors but unfold as a contestatory inner/autobiographical history: never repeating, never forgetting either.
The bouts are typical of hundreds of fights that unfold across the country every week in venues ranging in capacity from more than 40,000 to the 2,000-spectator Lopez Mateos.
But we don't need to travel thousands of miles to watch the world of nature unfold before our eyes.
Automates More Tasks Available directly from CIMLOGIC for $1295 and fully integrated with Mechanical Desktop, Toolbox/SM will automatically create a flat pattern simply by clicking on an unfold button and picking an the edge of the model.
The stories of sexual abuse, which do not fully unfold until the end of the book, are riveting.