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Synonyms for unfocused

(of an image) not being in or brought into focus

not concentrated at one point or upon one objective


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The performance we attended was certainly unfocused and teleserye-like (and that's putting it mildly).
Featuring over a dozen conferences with individual students and five group conferences, Tovani (author of the innovative assessment book, So What Do They Really Know?) shows educators how to inspire unfocused adolescents who are struggling in school.
UNFOCUSED, desultory and plain unfunny, director Martin McDonagh's blackly comedic follow-up to In Bruges represents a serious step backwards.
As a result, his argument can seem a little unfocused, and gives the impression of being a series of essays yoked together by the theme of failed catharsis rather than a single coherent argument about using terror to understand 'terror'.
Instead of concentrating on stories and facts about fearless explorers, the content is random and unfocused, thus failing to entertain or inform.
The 'Rocket' was nowhere near his best form in Beijing and looked unfocused as he slipped 3-0 behind, but a reprieve in the final frame before the mid-session interval allowed him to embark on a comeback.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Despite the claims by the western media that occupy wall street protests are aimless and unfocused, anti-capitalism protests are gaining vigor and have actually gone global.
The two dichotomies which have been receiving the lion's share of researchers' attention are that between focused and unfocused CF, and the contrast between direct and indirect CF.
Rafter is super unfocused, but it's the kind of unfocused that is idiosyncratic and full of weird sounds made listenable by their place within the song's structure.
Berbatov was left out of Juande Ramos' squad after being accused of being unfocused and having a negative effect as he looks for a transfer to Manchester United from White Hart Lane.
The root chakra, Muladhara, is where we manifest our visions into reality, Without a proper foundation and solid ground, we are unfocused and unable to make our dreams come true.
Reagan was not the first leader to connect games and sport to military skill, explains Village Voice film and literary critic Ed Halter in From Sun Tzu To X-Box, an interesting if unfocused survey of the history of playing at combat, an activity that has captivated men and boys since war and play were invented.
This argument carries little weight in the face of proof that intelligence conducted without accountability results in unfocused counter-terrorism efforts and wasted resources.
Apart from Zenaida Yanowsky's exquisite Lady Elgar, Marianela Nunez as Isabel, and Sarah Lamb as Mary, here the work looked underrehearsed and totally unfocused.