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Synonyms for unflustered

free from emotional agitation or nervous tension

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Even if there are some quarters who blindly seek to block the impeachment proceedings without first hearing the merits of the case, I and my colleagues in Makabayan remain unflustered.
If the nymphomaniac, whose lovers/hubbies change like once governments used to in Pakistan, was brazenly unflustered when the graphic details of her `hole-and-corner liaison' with an American pilot of Pakistani origin were accidently leaked on the Internet then a legal notice is just a teeny-weeny `pushover' for her.
Although his teammates struggled to deal with Mitchell Johnson on a pace-friendly Centurion pitch during the first Test, de Villiers was completely unflustered and essentially got himself out in both innings of that match after making 91 in the first dig and 48 in the second, the report further said.
But Javid, in his 16th first-class match, and Evans, in his 24th, were utterly unflustered.
Still, the woman whose rear won millions of fans when she was maid of honour at Kate and Wills' wedding in April 2011 seemed unflustered.
The train jolts as it pulls out of the station, but the bounce of my bladder leaves me unflustered, even though the toilet is three carriages away.
Velez looked utterly unflustered in the intimidating Estadio Centenario two weeks ago and have enough class to be able to take care of Penarol once again.
The Duchess arrived at Humberside airport an hour and a quarter late due to fog, the Palace said, but looked unflustered as she stepped out of her car at her first engagement in Grimsby.
If Clare Balding was our Olympic head girl, the ultra-professional, unflustered, well-briefed presenter who stood head and shoulders above anyone else at the BBC as the nation gorged itself on a combination of sport and patriotism, then Ian Thorpe became her equally accomplished sidekick.
Yamaha rider Lorenzo enjoyed an unflustered run to the flag after the Repsol Honda of Pedrosa was involved in a collision with Hector Barbera on the opening lap.
The draw then put Kenny in front, but the Briton was unflustered and had too much speed for his opponent as he powered to a supreme victory.
Hybrid technology has been designed for high fuel economy and low emissions, and the Toyota Prius+ does what it says on the tin, but in its own remarkably smooth and unflustered manner.
He will also be unflustered by any dramatic changes in ground conditions - which is possible, given the forecast.
Unflustered, he came back to the golf course to putt the ball into the hole," said Shoueiry.
The world she builds is varied and vibrant and Obie's transformation from insecure angry teenager to confident and competent warrior is believable even if his unflustered acceptance of all that happens to him is less so.