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Synonyms for unflurried

free from emotional agitation or nervous tension

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Law was unflurried and virtually flawless, while Chilton had to work harder.
The Australian Financial Review reported on 17 October 1974, `Senator Willesee for his part is emphasising the idea of self-determination in an as yet unstated reversal of the priorities Mr Whitlam gave to the Indonesians in which "self-determination" was only needed as some sort of "gloss" to the unflurried handover to Indonesia'.
The best way to help is to make sure she gets plenty of sleep and good food, that the atmosphere at home is calm and unflurried - and that you reassure her that, provided she does her best, you will be proud of her, whatever her results.
TONY ADAMS: Unflurried, ramrod-straight defending set the tone for England's cool defiance.
He was the quiet figure in the saddle who stayed calm and unflurried while Motivator used to whip round at the bottom of the Warren Hill canter and let fly his double-barrelled bucks on the way home.
The superb designs of these canvas and wood lounging chairs, bureaux, beds or whatever, reflects the sense of calm superiority which belonged to the officer class, its social and military rank and its unflurried attitude to travel, camp, battle and other people - particularly inferiors.