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Synonyms for unfledged

Synonyms for unfledged

(of birds) not yet having developed feathers


(of an arrow) not equipped with feathers

young and inexperienced

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The challenges facing the unfledged private sector remain insurmountable since they have trait to the areas of investments rather than productivity potential.
most heavily influenced by an unfledged author would come to be viewed
Battle-scarred detectives and unfledged public defenders had something in common: they took the phrase "good enough for government work" as an insult and a goad when it was applied to their own professional lives.
All that remains of the pamphlet is the following passage: "Plaies will never be supprest, while her maiesties unfledged minions flaunt it in silkes and sattens.
Stella, of course, had attracted a lot of attention during the years encompassed by the show; in 1970, he had a retrospective at MOMA, aged thirty-four--notably young in an era before unfledged art school students could expect to be snatched up by dealers.
As a bird unfledged is the broad-winged night, whose winglets are callow Yet, but soon with their plumes will she cover her brood from afar, Cover the brood of her worlds that cumber the skies with their blossom Thick as the darkness of leaf-shadowed spring is encumbered with flowers.
Then came the roasted squab (a young, unfledged bird, usually a pigeon) with chocolate bonbon and beetroot cannelloni, attended by Liefmans Frambozen (4.
This year, the LAMC has expanded to include satellite events in Mexico City, Toronto and Buenos Aires in which powerful people that can green-light projects mix with artists, high-fliers and unfledged alike, all looking to stake their claim on what they are hoping will be the next big thing.
As an unfledged youngster, waving goodbye to home on the way back to school was bad enough, though not a patch on the moment at journey's end when Dad and I used to say goodbye and struggle bravely to pretend that it didn't matter.
The mature Manuel recognizes the naivete of his unfledged precursor's lucubrations, happily sharing the flaws of "mon enterprise romanesque ancienne" with the reader; yet this Manuel is in his own way no less committed to the idea of life as art than the other one.