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Synonyms for unflagging

Synonyms for unflagging

having or showing a capacity for protracted effort, regardless of difficulty or frustration

Synonyms for unflagging

showing sustained enthusiastic action with unflagging vitality



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And I am proud to be a part of a community that stands by "an unflagging commitment to providing excellent services and programs.
Haji's hypnotic verse and lyric prose poems evoke the power of words and of wordless communion to carry us into grief, loneliness, and healing pain, tempering its fablelike tenor with an unflagging elusiveness.
We are pleased to recognize these educators for their significant and valuable contributions, and we congratulate them on their professionalism, commitment to high standards and unflagging enthusiasm for educating students.
Martin Kleinman, a long-time friend and industry collaborator of Brands, said: "It is a shock to us all, especially in light of Robert's unflagging energy, creativity, push for excellence and, most importantly, his overarching humanity.
As the revered leader and only monarch that most Thais have ever known, His Majesty was a tireless champion of his country's development and demonstrated unflagging devotion to improving the standard of living of the Thai people.
8) 18 Seabird sees other birds going up (4) 19 Beige little deer (4) 20 Unflagging, sister about to entertain the French (8) 21 Macho man, over ten, in artist's room (6) 22 Ray includes right chant (6) DOWN 2 If I can't sing in production, that's not important (13) 3 Van I ran manufactured to produce bliss (7) 4 A home included in my general pardon (7) 5 Penny, English girl, to irritate (5) 6 Throw support round broken arm (5) 7 Recruits bleat about ship (6--7) 13 Maths formula put crude metal in them (7) 14 Poles in error get a letter for the Greeks (7) 16 Part of town Edward possessed (5) 17 Effort nicely back in, opening score (5) Who?
Nazarbayev wished Felipe VI unflagging energy and considerable success, and prosperity to the friendly people of Spain.
The Secretary General commended the sincere will and unflagging desire for consensus displayed by all Tunisian political parties and civil society in line with the values of tolerance and moderation for which Tunisians are well-known.
Chigumbura's aggressive 86 threatened to turn the tide in the match as he hit Zimbabwe out of serious trouble, but Robiul's unflagging efforts with the ball brought him four wickets and sent Zimbabwe to lunch on 257 for seven.
Some dishes serve as updated and flavorful comfort food, while many also answer to the unflagging demand for convenience.
This is a story of a young girl's devotion to her father, her unflagging interest in his stories of his travels and the people he meets, and the dangers he encounters.
From reminiscences of growing up poor, biracial, and illegitimate in 1970s Angeles City, becoming self-sufficient at the age of 16, and heading to Manila armed only with his wits, unflagging determination, and sense of humor, Wigley's narratives, while delightfully entertaining and disarmingly straightforward, are also honest, candid and reflective.
I have known Paul for over 40 years and his support and enthusiasm for precast/prestressed concrete has always been unflagging.
With creative business models, unflagging passion and open minds, San Francisco's foodies are forging unique paths to the top of the food chain.
and has throughout his career carried out an "impassioned, unflagging commitment to fostering understanding and appreciation of the literary and artistic legacy of Christian Egypt" (from the laudatio in the front matter).