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Synonyms for unfinished

Synonyms for unfinished

not perfected, elaborated, or completed

Synonyms for unfinished

not brought to the desired final state

not brought to an end or conclusion


lacking a surface finish such as paint


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Maymask says the benefits of enabling the completion of unfinished work mean there are "special circumstances" which justify the council allowing 23 houses to be built in the green belt and in open countryside.
The unfinished intersection, like the railroad bridge work, is still on hold.
Hypnosis was used with deep relaxation and grief psychotherapy to achieve imaginative involvement, subjective reality, and constructive memory to help her to complete the unfinished business.
The characters are three-dimensional and flawed, and Unfinished Desires grows organically from the consequences of these flaws.
Unfinished Business, a Unesco report, states that human trafficking, sexual servitude and child labour have similar characteristics to historical slave systems, while the UN Office on Drugs and Crime discloses in its report, Trafficking in Persons, that in parts of West Africa and the Mekong region of southeast Asia, the majority of trafficking victims are children.
Investors are taking advantage of the down construction industry in New York City, according to Crain's, snapping up unfinished or stalled construction projects in the five boroughs.
Weak crude demand in Japan, the world's third-largest oil consumer nation, may actually be worse than it first appears, given very low levels of an often ignored part of industry data, unfinished oils.
LEE Bowyer has revealed that he rejected a transfer to Blues first time round in June 2005 because of unfinished business elsewhere.
Mathematician Keith Devlin presents The Unfinished Game: Pascal, Fermat, and the Seventeenth-Century Letter that Made the World Modern, the true story of how Blaise Pascal and Pierre de Fermat exchanged a series of meticulous letters in the 1600's that would lay the groundwork for modern probability theory, used today in everything from the insurance industry to job markets and safety evaluations of cars and planes.
Treefrog Veneer introduces Treefrog Unfinished, a new collection of nine popular Treefrog veneers, now available unfinished and paper backed.
The auction value is probably pounds 400-pounds 600, but its unfinished state must be taken into account.
The legislation passed by the House would give the Food and Drug Administration the authority to regulate the sale of unfinished (powdered or bulk) DXM.
There's now a website you can use to get rid of your partner's annoying unfinished "project", like those old cars and motorbikes that the man in your life has been trying to do up but never quite got round to finishing.