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Synonyms for unfinished

Synonyms for unfinished

not perfected, elaborated, or completed

Synonyms for unfinished

not brought to the desired final state

not brought to an end or conclusion


lacking a surface finish such as paint


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"There is clearly a significantly higher level of unfinished vs.
6 WORKS that The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit author J R R Tolkien, below, never completed were edited and published after his death by his son Christopher under the title Unfinished Tales Of Numenor and Middle-Earth.
As well as the many redundancies that Carillion's collapse brought about, there are a number of highprofile and important buildings across the country that have been left unfinished.
Maybe it is unfinished business and we really want to achieve something this year." FULL STORY: PAGE 43 |
The Unfinished: Stone Carvers at Work on the Indian Subcontinent.
Through the lens of Black psychology, this book is a blending of African centered historiography with an analysis of the role of consciousness formation and identity fragmentation as the unfinished revolution to provide intellectual discourse into the understanding of human psychology, cultural studies, traditional African spirituality, political science, and race relations.
Apparently, Turtle Rocks Studios, the company that originally developed "Left 4 Dead" until Valve took over, released the unfinished campaign for the game.
AMR Construction LLC of Little Rock received the award for unpaid work on the unfinished three-building, 125,000-SF redevelopment at 510-524 Main St.
BEYRUT (CyHAN)- More than half of over one million Syrian refugees in Lebanon live in vulnerable shelters such as unfinished buildings, garages and shops.
In the invite, which came in the form of a letter, Sharif has described Kashmir as the ' unfinished agenda of Partition'.
DEFENSIVE rock Laura Bassett claims England have unfinished business as they prepare to face hosts Canada in the women's World Cup quarter-finals in Vancouver tomorrow night.
THE VERDICT An odd blend of raucous rudeness and a film with a family message, Unfinished Business stars Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco and Tom Wilkinson in a small business team that heads to racy Europe to seal a big deal.
Value-added --though still considered unfinished --products, such as unfinished strip flooring, mouldings, dimensioned components, S4S, etc., will also be subject to a checkoff fee, but at a reduced rate of $0.75 per $1,000 in sales.
There were more than 100 unfinished construction projects in Kyrgyzstan in 2013.