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not having been fertilized

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Fatty acid analyses of unfertilized eggs, semen, fertilized eggs, eyed stage, yolk-sac larvae and absorbed yolk-sac larvae were carried out in the present study.
ISCO's core technology, parthenogenesis, results in the creation of human pluripotent stem cells from unfertilized oocytes (eggs).
Effects of altering DAG levels on endoplasmic reticulum morphology Figure 1 shows the pattern of ER in an unfertilized sea urchin egg revealed after redistribution of the fluorescent dye DiIC18 from a microinjected oil droplet saturated with the dye.
The presence of cortisol and protein content in fertilized and unfertilized eggs confirm the view that they are maternal in origin, while higher concentration of cortisol in eggs may be due to inadequate handling of broodfish.
The unfertilized egg has the complex task of remaining poised in readiness to halve its DNA content upon sperm entry.
Whereas the Poisson probability distribution function analyzed the number of corpora lutea in the ovaries (right and left), total structures, unfertilized structures, degenerate and congealable embryos, the logarithmic function of connection was estimated by the generalized linear model methodology (NELDER; WEDDERBURN, 1972) using GLIM 4.
Caviar consists of unfertilized eggs from sturgeon, a widely endangered fish.
ISCO uses unfertilized oocytes to create human parthenogenetic stem cells, an approach that offers a number of distinct advantages over other types of human stem cells.
In addition, NIH does not plan to fund research on embryos created specifically for research or on stem cells derived by research-cloning techniques or by parthenogenesis (a method that uses unfertilized egg cells).
But the unfertilized corn grown on that land yielded about 239 bushels per acre.
Glomus mosseae) contribution to leaf biomass / nutrient levels in tithonia growing in fertilized and unfertilized plots was calculated using the formula
With a little help from a pink frog, she manages to secure the antidote--the yolk of a deadly Elgort's unfertilized egg.
ISCO's human parthenogenetic stem cells are created from unfertilized human eggs, yet share with conventional human embryonic stem cells the ability to differentiate into all tissue types.
Another birthday girl, in Junko Hasegawa's "The Unfertilized Egg," turning thirty-six, single and knowing the end of infertile love with a married boss, dreams about eggs.
Other options were A Hen Will Sit on an Unfertilized Egg and You Love Her You Even Love The Stuff You Hate About Her.