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not having been fertilized

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Lowest turf quality in all years was observed in plots treated with Earthgro DM, Com-Pro, and unfertilized turf.
The comparison of sorghum 93 with sorghum 95 showed that over time growth conditions of the fertilized plots must have improved, whereas the unfertilized plots were obviously exhausted.
In May 1989, we established a pair of 9 X 9 m plots at the 10 X 20 m end of each of three of the high N addition macroplots (Fertilized) and three of the controls (Unfertilized), yielding a total of 12 experimental plots in the field.
Clearly, the first step in quantifying the incidence of male sterility, or testing for its effects, is to be able to distinguish between fertilized and unfertilized eggs.
* Nuclear transplantation into an enucleated, fertilized or unfertilized (but activated) egg, with transfer, to circumvent or correct an inherited cytoplasmic defect.
came to signify unfertilized or otherwise unwholesome eggs.
They suck the nucleus out of a blastocyst cell with a micro-pipette while holding it by suction under a microscope, then use this nucleus to replace that of an unfertilized ovum.
The need for software that makes diligent use of concurrent computational resources has been exacerbated by power-efficient multi-core CPUs, which are now widely deployed, but still unfertilized due to the lack of appropriate software.
In this study, the scientists triggered unfertilized human egg cells into dividing.
The hormones are expected to make female eggs unattractive to male moths, leaving them unfertilized. However, Al-Matwakil says the plan is going to take time to enact.
Instead, the unfertilized eggs just divide to produce offspring.
Until now, the most natural sources of human stem cells have been human embryos, whose use in research pose technical challenges as well as ethical issues .The technique, which was announced in mid-May by scientists at the Oregon Health & Science University and the Oregon National Primate Research Center, used unfertilized human eggs.
After induced spawning, unfertilized and fertilized eggs were sampled and sampling was continued at an interval of two h up to 48 h of post fertilization.
Now the team has succeeded in transferring the nuclei of unfertilized human eggs into donor eggs.
Investigations elucidated that temperature and humidity variations during larval rearing resulted in low fecundity and high incidence of unfertilized eggs.