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not having been fertilized

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F1, Fraction I (very labile carbon); F2, Fraction 2 (labile carbon); F3, Fraction 3 (less labile carbon); F4, Fraction 4 (recalcitrant carbon); T1, unfertilised control; T2, 100% recommended doses (RD) of inorganic NPK; T3, reduced (50%) RD of inorganic N and P+ 100% K + biofertiliser; T4, reduced (50%) RD of inorganic N and P + 100% K + 1 t [ha.
It is far more common now to freeze unfertilised eggs, and this is now considered an established method of fertility preservation.
77 (a) unfertilised oocytes/doe Dosages of pFSH per kg body weight Parameter pFSH-5 (5 mg) (Mean [+ or -] SEM) Number of does flushed 7 Average number of 7.
Second, it is known that females can produce unfertilised ephippia that should not be considered in the total of produced eggs, as the fertilised and unfertilised eggs are morphologically similar and it is very difficult to distinguish them.
Average number of embryo recovery, corpus luteum, anovulatory follicles and unfertilised oocytes for Groups 1 and 2 were 0.
However, if it's unfertilised, just the empty glycoprotein is dropped - which on contact with moist ground will swell and give a clear slime-like substance.
It is not recorded whether Farouk liked his eggs boiled, fried, poached or scrambled, but with all the weight he gained towards the end of the monarchy, and his reputation for gambling and drinking and keeping mistresses, I'm guessing that if she had had a choice his second wife Narriman would have preferred her eggs unfertilised.
In Zambia, unfertilised maize yields near Faidherbia trees averaged 4.
However, when an unfertilised egg is injected with human PLCz, it responds exactly as it should do at fertilisation, resulting in successful embryo development to the blastocyst stage, vital to pregnancy success," he added.
003311 Sea 88 19961 urchin unfertilised egg cDNA Library MPMGpo21 Strongylocentrouce purpuratus cDNA clone MPMGp621K2014; MPI_621_14K20 5', mRNA gi|139269763 AM527561 RZPD 87 32942 MPMGpll7l Paracentrous lividus CLEB Paracentrous lividus cDNA clone MPMGp117G05205Q 5', mRNA sequence gi|57947733 ydf02cO3.
patient-specific embryonic stem cells to grow in unfertilised human egg cells
Unfertilised, the soils can support acidic grasslands rich in moderately nutritious grasses like bents and fescues.
The small unfertilised mini-cobs that we now find in stir-fry mixes and Chinese take-aways were unheard of by most of us until 10 years ago.
According to a Morgan Poll conducted in June 2006, an overwhelming majority of Australians (82%) supported human embryo stem cell research, with 80% supporting the merging of an unfertilised egg with a skin cell (Morgan Poll 2006b).