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not soured or preserved


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The current study was therefore carried out to assess the effect of two differently processed cassava flour types namely fermented and unfermented flour and cassava substitution level on proximate composition, sensory characteristics and overall acceptability of bread made from wheat-cassava flour blends.
Acknowledging the press load size was not representative of commercial press loads, survival of vine mealybug (Planococcus ficus) in 6- and 12-ton press loads has been documented, and the survival of an EGVM larva re-emphasizes that unfermented winery waste may pose a risk of pest dispersal.
Moreover, birds and insects eating the unfermented droppings can also spread the disease according to Liu Pei-po, former director of the Taiwan Provincial Research Institute for Animal Health.
For preparation of fermented C maculata extract and unfermented C subternata extract industrial facilities were used as large quantities of the extracts were required for several studies.
The experimental birds were assigned to one of three dietary treatments including a corn-soybean meal based control diet as well as two experimental diets in which the control diet was supplemented with 10% of the basal substrate containing unfermented rapeseed meal or 10% of the basal substrate containing rapeseed meal subjected to solid state fermentation.
MegaNatural[R] Gold grape seed extract is made from a blend of unfermented ruby red seeds from our juice extraction operation and white seeds from our wineries.
This natural sweet dessert wine is made from unfermented grape juice fortified with spirit.
A mix of pure, unfermented grape juice with Cognac.
The initial Five H offering - 1,545 cases of 2006 Columbia Valley White Riesling - was produced using the German "sussreserve" technique of blending unfermented grape juice back into the fully-fermented wine to enhance its overall fruit character.
Fermented peanut flour and the derived protein concentrate showed better functional properties--water-holding and emulsifying capacity--than did the unfermented flour and protein concentrate.
Teas can be broadly divided into three categories: unfermented, semi-fermented and fermented.
It's this unfermented sugar that makes the wines sweet.
In contrast, green tea is unfermented mid only minimally processed.
He transfers the mixture to a lauter tun, where the grain is separated from the wort, essentially unfermented beer.
In addition, the ADM manufacturing process for soya isoflavones utilises carefully controlled conditions that do not disrupt the natural profiles and ratios of the isoflavones round in soya beans and unfermented soya foods.