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not enclosed by a fence

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I and some other people here have repeatedly complained about these uncovered and unfenced power boxes, but only got promises.
They believed to have sneaked into Indian through the unfenced border lying between Pathankot and Jammu and Kashmir or Chak Hira in Jammu district.
An unfenced lake on a patch of common land next to a main road is folly of the highest order.
Al Ghatam said municipality officials have started setting up warning signs near unfenced land in several areas.
My open unfenced garden is the size of a postage stamp and planting an old bed on top of my flowers would have squashed my entire display.
The air ambulance pad - built on the corner of the roof of the 14storey building - looks to be unfenced.
About 12 other cars were parked on rough, unfenced ground - despite an image on the firm's website of a secure, purpose-built compound.
Vigil was intensified along the unfenced Indo-Bangla border by the BSF.
Meanwhile, we have fought a public footpath creation order by Ceredigion County Council for eight years, because their route enters the unfenced eastern section of the farm park, where we only allow visitors access in the safety of a tractor and trailer.
The controversial unfenced playground at Heckley Fields in Exhall.
Warder's ideas to use a catalpa tree hedge and unfenced lots were considered highly original for the time.
In one instance, Caltrans installed electric mats at unfenced intersections near San Luis Obispo on Highway 101, which bisects a major wildlife corridor in the Los Padres National Forest.
It's great for parks, camping, road trips, hanging around outside, unfenced yards, apartment or condo living and just about anyplace else.
The Border Security Forces in Meghalaya have also been asked to intensify patrolling and to tighten security along the unfenced sectors along the 498 km-long international border with Bangladesh.
Worse still, boundaries on his ffridd land is unfenced, allowing sheep to freely wander across.