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Since we were blessed with minds and feelings, we were cursed with minding about the unfeelingness of the universe.
Rowson specifically attributes the quality of unfeelingness to a generic female in the text to accentuate her distaste for women who feel no compunction over their failure to tend to one another, regardless of social status or virtue.
When we identify the queer Welty and the camp Welty in texts such as "The Hitch-Hikers" and The Optimist's Daughter, we can see that, even in works that would appear to represent the most stark moral contrasts, the most shocking vulgarity, unfeelingness, and ignorance and the most "deviant" ways of life and sensibility, Welty is seeking not judgment but understanding both for herself and her readers.
51) Still, reading the letters, I don't get the same impression of unfeelingness on Bent's part about the episode, which can seem so like the "stoicism" supposedly characteristic of Indians.
And in "Some Cool" there are the awful images of slaughter and of the surgeon putting the hand inside the chest -- that intrusion into the body, the pain, the looking away, the unfeelingness.