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situated at or extending to great depth

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Rooney was talking about, apologising for, agonising over another performance that plumbed depths unfathomed by a whole generation of United players, staff and supporters.
As a young consultant in the early 1970's, he was instrumental in re-organising Surgery at Karl Bremer Hospital, and a few years later at the new Tygerberg Hospital, along as yet largely unfathomed subspecialty lines.
Contrary to what many may think, "There is no predestination, no unfathomed mystery of life.
We conclude that the use of corticosteroid in IPH treatment is unfathomed and demands further investigation.
that vast, unfathomed and forbidding night of our soul which we take to
On contrast there were innumerable ordinary women who without any literacy, or less literacy, from poverty stricken families got involved in the struggle with great commitment and unfathomed spirit.
Humanity with its pompous pretensions sinks to complete nothingness when viewed in relation to the unfathomed abysses of infinity and eternity which yawn about it," Lovecraft declared in one of his later astronomy columns for the Providence Evening News.
The Convention sets out to use both specific technological language to define offenses while also using neutral language to encompass technological based crimes unfathomed at the Convention's inception.
Set off to the unfathomed deeps of the underwater world in search of Atlantis.
She covers the problem of knowledge abstraction and context-based solutions, the architecture and tools of the non-semantic versus semantic web, the role of knowledge organization within the unfathomed space, developing conceptual frameworks, unified modeling language to untie the tangles, faceted knowledge representations, and designing the framework.
This insight "broke a roadblock," he said, and led to new experiments, new sampling and culturing instruments, and a blossoming of deep-sea microbiology that has yielded unfathomed biochemical discoveries, some with commercial and pharmaceutical applications.
For any Indian crazy of cricket and rooted for Team India inspired often by nothing more than blind hope in and ardent prayers for a couple of batsmen and jingoism springing from unfathomed nationalistic hearts, minus even a single fast bowler who could put the fear in the minds of batmen of getting hurt and out and out of cricket for months right from weeks before the real fight was to begin, this is a god-send opportunity.
For Polk, those rich stakes included "a land of unparalleled ports and unfathomed natural resources, the richest, most beautiful, and the healthiest country in the world.
And we will do our duty to the families of the 230 people on that aircraft who are still absolutely devastated by their absence and who are still profoundly, profoundly saddened by this as yet unfathomed mystery," Mr Abbott added.
On the blurred, unfathomed background tint Of deep sea-green Holbein employed to fill The space behind his ministers of state.