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Synonyms for unfasten

Synonyms for unfasten

Antonyms for unfasten

cause to become undone

become undone or untied

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She has a particular liking for watches and, despite having only one eye, has worked out how to unfasten almost any strap.
On another, he attempted to induce a woman on various occasion to sit on his knee, and attempted to unfasten her clothing and expose her breasts.
The design flaw was revealed by Tekniikan Maailma - a Finnish motoring magazine - which found that when the vehicle had five occupants and changed lanes to the left at speed, one of the buckles was able to unfasten the other as the middle one was higher than the one on the left.
shy girl in a crimson cowl, let me unfasten the buttons
Discussing his preparation for the tour, the Indian spinner said that since he is only longer associated with Test cricket and so there is no reason to unfasten the seat belt.
Al-Jumaili called on security leaders and the federal government to take action to regain the city of Fallujah by opening multiple fronts around the city toward its center to unfasten pressure on the people of Fallujah to confront Daash "./ end
"We were emptying the bin when the tape measure showing the amount of grain left became stuck and I went down to unfasten it.
Then it says that it would be very difficult to unfasten the 3-point seat belt if the bus were overturned in a crash.
Unfasten the dzus fasteners on the aft end of the engine cowling.
"However, some of the cheekier black-and-white lemurs have worked out how to unfasten their collars so we're now looking at ways to make them more secure."
A ball-joint in the gear-shift lever has not been tightened to the correct specification and in the worst case it could unfasten and make it impossible to shift gears, Volvo Cars' spokesman Per-Ake Froberg explained to Swedish newswire TT.
Just a quarter-turn to fasten and unfasten P provides better ergonomics for repeat access applications.
After filling the pouch, the gardener can simply unfasten the bottom of the pouch from the apron and dump the debris into a trash container.