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Synonyms for unfashionable

Synonyms for unfashionable

not in accord with or not following current fashion


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As to Tom, he was thinking over some words of an unfashionable old book, which kept running through his head, again and again, as follows: "We have here no continuing city, but we seek one to come; wherefore God himself is not ashamed to be called our God; for he hath prepared for us a city.
He looked from one to the other, and seemed to take stock of Denham's unfashionable appearance.
Matt Ritchie On days like this Ritchie showed he can cope with the unfashionable stuff too after a good battling display.
The 37-year-old frontman, who wowed me and 25,000 others with the group's closing set at Glasgow Green last night, opened up on life in music and admitted they were once the most unfashionable band in showbiz.
Conversely, unfashionable petrol powered cars, even those from "premium" marques, are comparatively cheap.
Always unfashionable, they went on to sell more than 70 million records - as many as Bob Dylan, and more than the likes of Oasis and Coldplay.
Tories and Liberals on Tyneside and along the route backed the 1936 protest which, unfashionable as it remains to say, was an utter failure.
Such will never be a substitute for a return to our Christian roots, values and faith - no matter how inconvenient or unfashionable.
I am not a toff, but was brought up poor (to use an unfashionable term) but decently in Blyth.
A mare can have produced winner after winner, but if her foal in the ring is by an unfashionable sire, it's worthless.
The unfashionable outfit sealed the championship with three games to go through a 2-1 win over Saturn Ramenskoye And Turkmenistan-born gaffer Berdyev said: "Allah has listened to our prayers and given us the strength to fight for the title.
TRAINSPOTTERS and Morris dancers can now defend their unfashionable hobbies as a genetic inevitability, according to research published today.
Far better to rely on the Manilow method - the playing of unfashionable music by the New York crooner.
Next to his poetry, Sir John will be remembered for his passionate devotion to our urban architectural heritage which eventually included unfashionable Victorian buildings.
The guy is larger than life and at Brentford consistently got a very average squad into the play offs and this season has the unfashionable MK Dons just off the top spot.