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Passing a life sentence on Ahmed, Judge Frank Chapman said the restaurant worker had mistaken his dutiful wife's generosity and kindness to other people for unfaithfulness.
On her first all-Spanish-language album, Como Ama Una Mujer (How a Woman Loves), Jennifer Lopez unveils eleven songs with introspective themes about unfaithfulness, abuse, bitterness, break-up and recovery after the breakup.
Addressing something as upsetting as unfaithfulness in a more reasoned, realistic way somehow makes it more disturbing on screen.
One cannot say that this is exactly a romp through the 14th century, but the flavor of village life, the internal conflicts Oberhochwald's people, the abuse, the unfaithfulness of wives and husbands, the crises of faith and the sympathies of kind women all enrich the sort of 'what if' scenario that could easily become cliched.
Having an affair has always been a marital no-no, but now there is a new kind of unfaithfulness that you should worry about.
Why is modern society more tolerant of unfaithfulness to a wife or a husband, to children and family, than of disloyalty to country?
This means that they have deceived innocent life partners, and they continue to live lives based on unfaithfulness and lies.
Later in the film Yukiko will cry over Tomioka's lies and unfaithfulness.
Rice contends that the true test of a relationship is how those involved with unfaithfulness respond to it.
Church-going Catholics voted against Catholic Senator Kerry (and South Dakota Senator Daschle) for his unfaithfulness to the Church's defence of the natural moral law; Evangelical, Baptist and Pentecostal Christians turned out in huge numbers to reject the Democratic party's championship of abortion, radical feminism, and "gays" (see our "Democratic Party: anti-family, anti-life," Oct.
Accident of Birth's Reba Freeman is living in two worlds: She is basking in the luxury of a big house, top job, perfect daughter, and the love but yet unfaithfulness of her second husband.
She revealed Sorry To Say is about not getting what you want, Everything Beautiful Is Burning is played by her psychotherapist friend to patients and new single Vampire is about being tempted into unfaithfulness.
In the longest chapter, "Writer Behind the Mirror," Lapkus analyzes various Lithuanian writers, beginning with Chameleon Colors (1979), whose plot reminds Lapkus of a soap opera, since Avyzius portrays marital unfaithfulness, corruption, and self-deception.
In addition to the more mundane forms of unfaithfulness, Karamyshev went so far as to sleep with his niece in his wife's presence.
During the trial, Yamaguchi said she acted in retaliation for her husband's unfaithfulness, and said she thought she could split with Hokao if she agreed to the plot to kill her son.