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Synonyms for unfair

Synonyms for unfair

not fair, right, or just

Synonyms for unfair

not fair


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Now the referee worked, tearing him away so that he could be hit, giving Danny every advantage that an unfair referee can give.
They were the hated Gringos and they were all unfair.
Considering that the price of dogs had been boomed skyward by the unwonted demand, it was not an unfair sum for so fine an animal.
While occupying myself with these no doubt wanton reflections on the unfair division of opportunities in human life, I was leisurely crossing the common, and presently I came up with a pedestrian who, though I had little suspected it as I caught sight of him ahead, was destined by a kind providence to make more entertaining talk for me in half an hour than most people provide in a lifetime.
The first person to enter the-field and the lists was the master of the ceremonies, who surveyed and paced the whole ground to see that there was nothing unfair and nothing concealed to make the combatants stumble or fall; then the duennas entered and seated themselves, enveloped in mantles covering their eyes, nay even their bosoms, and displaying no slight emotion as Don Quixote appeared in the lists.
Each house is, as it necessarily must be, the judge of the elections, qualifications, and returns of its members; and whatever improvements may be suggested by experience, for simplifying and accelerating the process in disputed cases, so great a portion of a year would unavoidably elapse, before an illegitimate member could be dispossessed of his seat, that the prospect of such an event would be little check to unfair and illicit means of obtaining a seat.
After some hesitation, he ordered that the friendship should cease - an unfair command, though seemingly inspired by the spirit of prophecy; and John, saying nothing, continued to disobey the order under the rose.
They do not care for our humor, surely it would be unfair to deny them their grief.
BADIN -- Parents of students of different private schools and colleges of Badin and education experts have demanded of the BISE Hyderabad authorities to announce APS Badin as centre for the students during the annual SSC examination to curb usage of unfair means.
The government disclosed a report Monday that 946 of 1,190 such firms were found to have engaged in 4,788 cases of unfair hiring.
If you have been dismissed for trying to exercise a right, you can make a claim for automatic unfair dismissal.
Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross announced the initiation of new antidumping duty (AD) investigations to determine whether imports of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) resin from the Peoples Republic of China (China) and India are being dumped in the United States, and a countervailing duty (CVD) investigation to determine whether producers of PTFE resin in India are receiving alleged unfair subsidies.
For example, if a gym asks for a cancellation fee, pointing to a paragraph in its terms and conditions, this will be unfair unless it was explained to you when you signed up.
Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno on Tuesday said it was unfair to use taxpayer's money to subsidize the P2,000 pension increase for Social Security members (SSS).
Summary: Some residents have called Dubai Police's move, to have separate walkways for families and bachelors on New Year's Eve, unfair, while others said it will help avoid unruly behavior.