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of an imaginary flower that never fades


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S, Associate Professor, and my co-guide for her expert guidance with unfading and sustained encouragement and support during the various stages of the present work.
I read what you write to me: "you have to read a book as if reading life; that reading makes us eternal, that it is more than reading just the words; that you have to go inside them as if entering a cave and wait, there inside, patiently, until the darkness is wounded by the unfading glow of sensibility; to wait for the word to give our minds the same thing that fire gives to night.
8) When the Congress presented him with the resolution for his medal for the Battle of Stony Point, the representatives noted that "he has rendered essential benefit to the American cause, he has deservedly acquired the esteem of the army and gained unfading reputation for himself.
Would Africa continue to writhe under the miseries of the slave trade, or would "all her people be raised to a state of civilization in which, amidst the nurture of domestic affection, agriculture shall yield her sustenance, commerce bring her refreshments, genius emit her flashes and piety suffuse over all her pure and unfading light.
We called ourselves 'Holy Rus' because the most sublime, authentic, unfading ideal of human life was the ideal of holiness.
Clad in the traditional white robe and turban, cane in hand, with smile unfading, he cheerfully greets his followers and guests of the lecture he gave in Daal Center for Research and Media, entitled "Political Islam between the Da'wah and the Authority".
at a time of evening under moonrise, as she danced upon the unfading grass in the glades [.
of Lincoln, England, wrote: "For one who has spent a life so long and so active in the forefront of mechanical enterprise, and whose labors have produced signal benefit to agriculture, the world must cherish an unfading remembrance.
As Yang noted in his Independence Day message: The soul-touching scene of African representatives celebrating China's victory with singing and dancing at the United Nations remains an unfading memory in Chinese people's minds.
These institutions and websites were created in order to protect the memory about the dedication and commitment of the Soviet soldiers, which can be justified by words of Aleida Assmann: "Historyczna trauma wspolnego doswiadczenia bycia ofiara osadza sie w pamieci zbiorowej jako niezacieralny slad i zapewnia silny zwiazek dotknigtej grupy" ("The historical trauma of the joint experience of being a victim is deposited in the collective memory as an unfading track and provides a strong relationship of the affected group") (Assmann 2009b, 166).
Many of Magtymguly's contemporaries consider the ideas of him as a fervent call and patriotic request as the Turkmen nation's mystical and ethical composition that led the people onward inspired sureness in them illuminated the way forward with the unfading light of reality.
should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit.
In this paradox, Mincoff discerns a sign of Shakespeare's unusual ability to project himself onto a character and endow him/her, almost in spite of himself, with unfading vitality.
The United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand possess an unfading nobility because they joined this campaign; is there a greater example in history of people from different nations pooling their strength, genius and treasure in the fight for freedom?
These colors range from grays/greens, blacks and purples to the hardest color to quarry - unfading red.