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of an imaginary flower that never fades


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These colors range from grays/greens, blacks and purples to the hardest color to quarry - unfading red.
l0) According to the Victorian language of flowers, the love lies bleeding still held its significance from Milton's day as a symbol of unfading, immortal love (De Cleene, p.
He writes in the section "Sex in the Human Being," in his Unfading Light: Contemplations and Speculations (1917): "Whoever honors sex (the 'eternally female' and in the same manner simultaneously the eternally male) cannot condone sexual nihilism, which is hidden sometimes under the cover of the equality of the sexes, which in actuality are not equal but deeply different.
He dawdles around the city, taking a microbus, attending recitals, having coffee at stands, and walking in parks and boulevards and repeats the same dawdling over and over again, as though Unten's ghost were chasing Nakamatsu out of his "home" and pushing him into the unfading circuit of the memories of Japanese immigrants in Peru.
As Smith, the translator, remarks, Unfading Light [1917] is a "watershed in Bulgakov's intellectual output.
We, the "boat people" clung on to our unfading dream for freedom and opportunity which sustained us through the most dangerous journey.
Richardson who created among their students an unfading admiration for the Bard.
You see, there is a huge unfading question mark on how they could have predicted these incessant events, unless of course they are clairvoyant, which I highly doubt; but one thing I am sure of, it ain't over just yet
of the unfading commitment to mission that built a movement that, 150 years after their beginnings, includes nineteen member conferences in sixteen countries.
Some say the mighty days of America are slowly coming to an end, but we saw its unfading power through the honorable farewell of Gates last week.
They're rightly proud of their historic ties and while it's unlikely they'll be brought back over to join us neighbours over the hill, their hope is unfading.
Time's Unfading Garden: Anne Spencer's Life and Poetry.
Of the rare union of Talents/ which so eminently distinguished him/ as a Physician, a Poet, and a Philosopher/ His writings remain/ a public and unfading testimony.
our old national melodies are imperishable plants, unfading evergreens .
One of boxing's unfading glories was the Hagler-Hearns mini-war.