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not extended or stretched out


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While the transfer may post to the 2010 account in 2014, the credit generally will have an effective date of March 15, 2013, the unextended due date of the 2012 tax year.
Having missed the break she made up the lost ground in no time at all and won unextended, beating Bryan Smart's Excellent Show, who ran in the Queen Mary that year.
In general, tax must be assessed within three years of the later of (1) the date on which the return is filed or (2) the unextended due date of the return (IRC [section] 6501(a)).
Elimination of peaks corresponding to unextended SBE primers from the resulting mass spectrum allows detection of much larger numbers of extension products, leading to higher levels of multiplexing.
The AirCard 850 is manufactured by Sierra Wireless and is a 3G wireless WAN Type II PC Card with a slim, unextended design, allowing users to conveniently store the card inside the laptop.
The 60s revolution, with its emphasis on the cultural sphere, was always double-sided, since its emphasis on life on a more human scale was easily undermined by the interest it shared with consumption culture in the ascendant, the transcendent and the transgressive--the capacity to go beyond the range of intensities and possibilities dictated by the unextended human body in a social setting.
The 4-7 favourite quickened tolead before the final fence and won unextended by four lengths from Atum Re with chasing debutant Chauvinist, who had made a bad blunder at the fifth last, five lengths away in third.
Andrew was unextended in what amounted to a 25-lap time and, finishing in 32-57.
Allen suggests that Ficino, inspired by Plato's elemental theory and by neoplatonic number speculation, saw the human soul as a sort of triangular surface of powers and habits, midway between unextended mind and three-dimensional body.
Genzyme's unextended patent protection expires in October 2011.
At Taunton, Dirk Cove readily defied an 8lb rise in the ratings to win unextended by three-quarters of a length from Table For Five.
42) The Treasury's legislative proposal calls for the taxpayer to disclose particular transactions twice -- once on or before the unextended due date of its return (in a filing with the IRS National Office) and a second time when it files its return (by attaching a statement to its return).
For these taxpayers, the deadline for making the election to recharacterize is six months after the unextended due date of their returns, as described below.
Nevertheless, Mary's ideas do make Patrick spiritually uncomfortable, and he finds himself reflecting self-critically that in his mid-thirties he is still drawn to live by those "easy rules of an unextended self" (67).
The Mooney stress relaxation data for unextended SBR correlate well with several processability indicators.