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defying expression

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Moseley's record goes further than mere dates, however, since he also offers a brief comment on the playwright's university education: 'It becomes not me to say (though it be a knowne Truth) that these Authors had not only High unexpressible gifts of Nature, but also excellent acquired Parts, being furnished with Arts and Sciences by that liberall education they had at the Vniversity, which sure is the best place to make a great Wit understand it selfe'.
Translatability, interpretability, expressibility of the untranslatable, of the uninterpretable, of the unexpressible. By virtue of semiotic materiality, the absolute otherness of signs, their capacity for resistance in the face of all attempts at interpretation-translation made upon them, the concept of translatability relates to the untranslatable, to that which cannot be possessed, which evades the limits of comprehensibility, the infinite with respect to the totality, the unsayable with respect to the said of any linguistic system whatever, the unconscious with respect to the conscious, the impossible.
The Lost Boy demonstrates the power of narrative to express the unexpressible and to speak to the paradox and burden that death creates for the living.
Likewise, in reviewing Romolo Quaglino's collection of poems Dialoghi d'esteta for the Anthologie-Revue, Marinetti insists on the unresolved tension between the essentially "decadent" character of Quaglino's art, which he describes as the attempt to "exprimer l'inexprimable de l'ame humaine" ]express the unexpressible in the human soul], and the tentativeness of his results, which he ascribes to the imperviousness of the rigidly sculptural Italian language to the poet's efforts ("Chronique" 99).
Many articles focus on the diaspora in a variety of locations, Geneva, Ireland, America, and the Low Countries, where the Refuge takes pride of place, especially in the development of theological or political positions unexpressible in France, and the definition of what 'foreign' meant in this country of heterogeneous Protestants.
His 'unexpressible Delights in the remembrance and contemplation of those Heavenly overflowing Pleasures' may have allowed him to be read more profitably than those who wrote about the constitutions, methods, and disciplines of the presbyterian system, for he was in print until 1710.