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The unexposed workers of the same factory with similar general characteristics were matched 2.25 to 1.
(iii) is there any difference in food intake and weight gain between unexposed larvae and those that exposed to the virus but survived infection, i.e.
Longshot Dave Revers Yfenni 5.25 Wolverhampton Ran her best race to date last time out when denied a clear run in the straight, and this unexposed type could go well at a decent price.
Overall, teens who lived with a smoker, had secondary exposure at home, or had at least 1 hour of TSE had significantly more emergency department and / or urgent care visits (mean ranged from 1.62 to 1.65), compared with unexposed peers (mean visits ranged from 1.42 to 1.48).
The gelding's opening mark is not exactly a gift but he remains unexposed in his new career and can make another bold bid from the front under the talented Ross Chapman.
The findings, published in The Lancet Psychiatry, showed that nearly one and one-half times as many babies exposed to lithium during the first trimester experienced major malformations compared to the unexposed group (7.4 per cent compared with 4.3 per cent).
To help account for these other reasons, many studies try to match exposed and unexposed children with respect to maternal characteristics, such as age at childbirth and socioeconomic status.
Each parental occupational exposure was classified into two categories (exposed/unexposed) as well as, for the analyses of the individual solvents, into three categories (unexposed, low exposure, and high exposure).
The unexposed community was selected in an area that was similar in terrain and demographic characteristics and also housed a renewable energy facility: a grid-connected anaerobic digestion plant.
An acid-resistant nail varnish was used to divide the enamel surface into two distinct areas: 1) a sound window (unexposed area)--the right side of the enamel surface was covered with acid-resistant nail varnish (self-positive control); and 2) an experimental window (exposed area)--the left side was not covered.
The exposed group consisted of 85 granite factory workers and unexposed group consisted of 85 workers in the administrative section.
The study results showed that the young adults who had physical or cognitive effects from their prenatal alcohol exposure had summary math scores that were 10%-11% lower than those in unexposed peers and 3%-4% lower than those in peers who had had childhood disabilities requiring special education.
oil exposed and unexposed were mixed with KBr and pressed into pellets for measurement.
By comparing children who were exposed to paracetamol during pregnancy with unexposed siblings of the same sex, researchers could control for a variety of genetic and environmental factors, in addition to other important factors like infections, fever, use of other medications, alcohol intake and smoking.
And unexposed cohort included the children who received supplementary nutrition on an average for more than 14 days per month over past six months, i.e.